VKN Video King To Design New Web Site, More Innovative Gaming Products! ideo King is among the world’s largest providers of electronic gaming systems, Bingo equip- ment and innovative games. Reaching a global market, Video King’s entertainment systems can be found aboard luxury cruise liners, throughout Indian Country and in thou- sands of charitable, commer- cial and military establish- ments around the world. V ■ Video King’s Evolution Offers Best Of Bingo, Casino Gaming ... 1 ■ FreedomPlay Features Latest In Digital Wireless Flashboards ... 1 ■ Vanguard Bingo Funds Support World Champ Performers ... 2 ■ Video King Plays Major Role In Performing Arts Program ... 2 ■ Tim Stuart: Connectivity Key To Company’s Continued Success ... 3 ■ VeteranFightsForTexasCharities ThroughHisLobbyingEfforts...4 ■ VeriPowerPlayOffersBingo-To-Go WithPortable,LaptopVerifier... 5 ■ Happy Valley Casino Transports Bel Air Desk To African Nation ... 6 ■ TexasCharityAdvocatesPromote BingoToNearly1,000Charities...8 ■ Video King To Exhibit At The Global Gaming Expo In Vegas... 9 SPRING 2019 nce upon a time in a land far, far away there was a company that rented our electronic bingo, card-minding devices. These devices helped bingo play- ers to man- age more bingo cards than they otherwise could physically play. Overthe yearsthecompanydevelopedmany modelsofthisdevice,smaller,faster, morebellsandwhistlesandcontinued todeployunitsthroughouttheUnited States,Canada,themilitary–anywhere wherebingowasplayed. As the years went by, bingo players looked for other forms of entertainment O ome take “that dog” as a good sign or lucky charm. Others, just for fun, claim he’s been up to some tricks, especially when things go astray. Course we’re taking about “Champ,” Video King’s canine mascot, who pops up randomly on the screen – all part of novel animation, featured in Freedom Play,™ the company’s new wireless flashboard. Touted as the next generation of digital boards, Freedom- Play, equipped with state-of-the-art gaming technology, offers a host of exciting features, designed to captivate the crowd. Not only does FreedomPlay – with its color-rich, dynamic display – rid the need for excess wiring, labor, S Reality/See Page 7 FreedomPlay/See Page 3 All ‘On’Board FreedomPlay Flashboard High-Tech Digital, Customizable, Wireless Display, Innovative Imagery Phil Sherwood Director Class II Gaming Products FairyTale orReality . . . Home Of The Champs! VIDEOKINGNETWORK EvolutionCreatesBestOfBingo&CasinoGaming Neanderthal Nation, among Video King’s new Class II video reel games. Read All About It! Video King