VKN Video King Launches Universal Gaming Network Expanding Options! ideo King is among the world’s largest providers of electronic gaming systems, Bingo equip- ment and innovative games. Reaching a global market, Video King’s entertainment systems can be found aboard luxury cruise liners, throughout Indian Country and in thou- sands of charitable, commer- cial and military establish- ments around the world. V Read All About It! ■ BowlaNanza Features Romance, Rivalry, Free Cards & Bonuses ... 1 ■ New Freedom Play Wireless Flashboard Enhances Options ... 1 ■ A Word From Tim Stuart, Company President/CEO ... 2 ■ Coeur d’Alene Hall Transforms Into Mega Casino Resort ... 2 ■ PokerNanzaOffersPlayers MobileClassIIVideoPoker..3 ■ Lil’ChampClubAwards $100InPrizesEveryMonth... 2 ■ Outdoorsman, World Traveler, Writer Propelled By Adventure ... 4 ■ Bingo Helps Shelter Save All Creatures – Wild & Domestic ... 4 ■ Technical Service Director Man Of Diverse Interests ... 5 ■ Two Ball Bingo Jackpot For Venues Both Large & Small ... 5 ■ Futuristic Vision, Travel, Pet Menagerie Shape His World ... 6 ■ CustomLaserPrintMerchandise LeavesLastingImpression... 12 The ‘King Pin’Of Games! Calling all bowlers and Bingo players! Video King’s new animated QuickShot game is right up your alley! Keeping the action rolling, it has rivalry, romance, free cards and interactive bonuses! BowlaNanza/See Page 6 Romance,Rivalry,FreeCards&Bonuses FALL 2018 BowlaNanzaBingo! t has romance, rivalry and, of course, Bingo. And it all begins in a bowling alley as Bingo play- ers slip into an all-new realm through their gam- ing devices in one of Video King’s most innovative spins yet in Class II gaming. BowlaNanza,™ Video King’s newest animated caper, spans the world of Bingo and bowling, as players rack up points, taking the traditional QuickShot game to a whole new “lane” in game design. I et freedom reign as Video King unveils the Freedom Play,™ our new, wireless flash- board, using state-of-the-art, gaming tech- nology. A dazzling display – set in vivid colors with dynamic animations – the wireless flashboard frees you up from cabling, wiring, hardware components, labor, maintenance and equipment costs and other limitations. In addition, you’ll have the luxury of showcas- ing your own advertisements and multi-media VIDEOKINGNETWORK L Freedom Play/See Page 3 No Cables, Installation, Nor Equipment Costs! Freedom Play Wireless Flashboard ‘Released!’ Video King Home Of The Champs!