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K9 Cash™

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K9 Cash™
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K9 Cash™
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K9 Cash™
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K9 Cash™
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K9 Cash™
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K9 Cash™
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K9 Cash™
Ready For A Howling Good Time ....

Then it’s best NOT to let these sleeping dogs lie!

That’s the concept behind K9 Cash™ – Video King’s new breed of Electronic QuickShot Bingo™ games.
Playable on Video King’s CHAMP-e,   Champion II™  and TAB-e™ tablets and fixed-based PowerTouch™ units, this Class II, credit-based game has a number of “bone–uses” that will fetch you more players and increase revenue – with no added expense – to your hall.

Featuring 'Champ,' Our Lil' Mascot!

In other words, K9 Cash empowers the players, with a variety of game options, letting them show the world who’s Top Dog!

Featuring Lil’ Champ,™ Video King’s beloved, canine cartoon mascot, this dog-themed concept revolves around a 1- to 9-card game, played with 24 pre-called numbers and a scalable pay table, that raises and lowers depending on the player’s wager.

From the main screen, K9 Cash allows players to touch and select the number of cards – and at which price they wish to play for every game. When a card is inactive, the dog is sleeping. When a card is activated, Lil’ Champ springs to action!

Like A Dog To A Bone!

Like a dog to a bone, the players will be drawn to the game’s ball drop animation. To add more excitement, the cards are actively daubed as the called balls are displayed, mimicking the feel of live play.

To engage the players, encouraging repetitive play, the selected cards are color-coded, letting each player know just how close they came to B-I-N-G-O. Grey indicates a non-winning card; blue, a one-away or “ON” card; and red, a winner, displaying both the pattern and amount of pay.

Between games, players can select the dog tag earmarked, “Help & Options,” to view the pay table and set the pace. Speeds range from the walk-in-the park, pup-paced, “Nice ’N Easy,” to “A Little Faster,” “Fast!” and running with the Big Dogs – “Wow! That’s Fast!”

Customizable For All Venues!

Customizable for military, tribal and charitable organizations, K9 Cash – with comprehensive spend reports – is ideal for stand-alone games or before, during, and after bingo sessions.

Ready to reward loyal players ...  Hear those registers go Ka–ching ... Then get K9 Cash – just one of Video King’s fun-filled QuickShot themed games!

More QuickShot Games!

And, while you're at it ... be sure to try Video King’s other QuickShot themed games!

They include Bing O' Lucky,™ with leaping leprechaun, that's no blarney; Moon Shot,™  an astro-nomical blast; Quickshot McDraw,™ revolving ’round our straight-shooting cowpoke and his trusty steed; Mayan Gold,™ a quest for buried treasure; Nero’s Coliseum,™ “Rome-ing” through ancient ruins; Buccaneer Bonanza,™ a bounty o’ fun, complete with ... argh ... pirate loot; and Hurricane Bonanza,™ with a rather “breezy” tropical theme.

And, lest not forget, Mermaid's Quest,™ an aquatic theme, with a siren of the sea; and Potion Commotion,™ a magical elixir, set in Medieval tones, both with increased levels of animation, free cards and bonus rounds!

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