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Crazy Quarters™

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Crazy Quarters™
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Crazy Quarters™
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Crazy Quarters™
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Crazy Quarters™
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Crazy Quarters™
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Crazy Quarters™
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Crazy Quarters™
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Crazy Quarters™
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Crazy Quarters Instructions Low-Resdownload Crazy Quarters Instructions Low-Res (2618 kB)
Crazy Quarters Instructions Hi-Resdownload Crazy Quarters Instructions Hi-Res (12434 kB)
Crazy Quarters™ hi-res flierdownload Crazy Quarters™ hi-res flier (11715 kB)
Crazy Quarters™ low-res flierdownload Crazy Quarters™ low-res flier (4796 kB)

Note: This fast-paced bingo game has been recently tested by Eclipse Compliance Testing and has been found compliant with the NIGC's (National Indian Gaming Commission) Technical Standards for play in Class II games. Crazy Quarters is ideal for play as a session of its own, before or after regular sessions.

Hear Ye ... Hear Ye ... Crazy Quarters!
Most Revolutionary Bingo Game To Date!

As George Washington would say – without a blink of the eye – We can not tell a lie ...

Crazy Quarters™ is the most revolutionary Bingo game to date, developed by Video King, a global provider of electronic gaming systems, Bingo hall equipment and highly innovative games.

Sure to win the popular vote, this democratic game – designed for the people and by the people – is guaranteed to give everyone a chance to win – not 1 but 3 different prizes for every single game. And – lest ye not forget – a 4th accumulator, must-go jackpot, paid out a specified number of games, determined by the hall manager!

Now, that’s something the first president of the United States and his party would flip their powdered wigs over. Played as quickly as the Ride of Paul Revere (he had a lot of territory to cover), this fast-paced, fully electronic game uses Video King’s e-BOS™ credit management system to sell cards and award prizes.

No matter how you call it – Crazy Quarters is one riveting and highly entertaining Class II Bingo game. Coined after Washington’s likeness, Crazy Quarters is designed for play on Video King’s networked fixed-based PowerTouch™ units and new portable Champion II™ and TAB-e™ gaming tablets.

By using a credit-based account system, participants purchase their cards on a game-by-game basis to begin play. Pre-defined configurable percentages of these purchases are then contributed to the various prize pools – thus eliminating the financial risk associated with guaranteed prizes in traditional, session-based Bingo.

Hear ye ... Hear ye ... Bingo operators. That’s because the game prizing in Crazy Quarters is determined by the total amount of all the players’ purchases!

While in play, Video King’s PowerPlay™ Bingo caller desks control all aspects of the game – from opening and closing of sales periods to awarding prizes at game end.

The players, by George, will find the game is easy to understand and user-friendly. In fact, the game format and prizing encourages participants to make incremental purchases to increase their opportunities to win bigger jackpots.
The entertaining graphics, large prizes and easy-to-use features are sure to bring increased player spends, making Crazy Quarters one Yankee Doodle Dandy of a game!

Seeing Is Believing ...

Player-funded regular game and progressive jackpot amounts are tracked in real-time, based on each card purchased, with the players being encouraged to buy more cards as they witness the game prizes rise with every purchase – right before their very eyes ...

The progressive jackpots are won by the oh-so fortunate lady or gent, who achieves a game-winning pattern on the last ball call on a number, marked with the Crazy Quarter or Golden Eagle symbol.

Additional chances to win these progressives come from incremental player purchases of these symbols, whereby the participants now have additional opportunities on more cards to win the progressive jackpots.

What this means in plain English, fellow players, the greater the participation, the more chances to win, the bigger piece of the proverbial pie.

But Wait There’s More ...

After players complete their initial card and symbol purchases, with a few touches of the screen, they can also swap the cards they originally received for different ones.

Swapping is an attempt to get the placement of the progressive symbols into better or “luckier” positions, based on the game pattern being played for that particular game and where their progressive symbols were initially positioned.

With its rapid-fire ball calls, we declare Crazy Quarters will shake up the status quo. Players will be more keyed up than teetotalers at that famed tea party – pressing custom-installed buttons on the tables or touching on-screen icons to “daub” their cards after every call.

All eyes will be fixated on the “Numbers Needed” portion of the screen waiting to hear one of the numbers they need to yell B-I-N-G-O!

See, we told you this game would be riveting. Like “George,” we cannot tell a lie ...
We think you’ll find Crazy Quarters a most revolutionary-style game.

But thanks to George and our Founding Fathers, you’re free to decide for yourself.
Crazy Quarters.

It’s Your Call ...

Please Note: Gaming and gaming devices may or may not be approved in all jurisdictions. Please contact your sales representative to see what products are allowed within your marketplace.

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