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As you read this, more than 60,000 people around the world are playing our electronic gaming devices.

We are all about people and fun. We have very smart and exciting people, who design our products.

We have hard-working people, who carefully assemble them.

We have energetic sales people, who tell the world how incredible our game designs are and how easy our products are to use. We have accountants, who tell us all to work harder and smarter.

We have terrific distributors, who ensure that our electronic gaming products are delivered around the globe.

We have an innovative and dynamic research and development team, who constantly create challenging new game concepts that keep our customers entertained and make the most profit for our organizations and operators.

And, we have people, all points between, who have hours of fun playing all of our gaming devices.

Welcome to the World of Video King.

We are all about people and fun.

We are here to brighten your day.

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