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Innovation – The Name of the Game


   At the forefront of electronic gaming, Video King is amongst the world’s largest providers of electronic gaming systems, ranging from tablets, handheld and fixed-base devices, digital flashboards, ancillary gaming content, bingo consoles and equipment. All of our products are developed and designed with state-of-the-art technologies – focused to maximize player enjoyment, while delivering increased profitability to the gaming enterprises.

   Video King’s gaming entertainment systems – licensed in more than 90 jurisdictions – integrate with our collective deployed devices, comprised of 63,000 tablets, handsets and fixed-base units, found worldwide. Video King’s products are installed in thousands of charitable bingo halls, in more than 40 of the largest tribal gaming casinos, and can be found aboard luxury cruise liners and in commercial casinos. 

   In addition, the U.S. military bases rely on bingo, and many have Video King’s products installed to assist with the financial support needed to help fund the Morale Welfare and Recreation programs (MWR), which provide support and leisure services designed to enhance lives of those in the various branches of service. 

   Centrally located in the United States, Video King has grown to more than 120 employees. Video King’s headquarters and our manufacturing facility are based in Omaha, Neb., while our Research & Development team is based out of offices in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

   Video King also employs a veteran sales team, who are strategically placed across the United States and manage sales activities in both their respective regional areas, as well as internationally. Video King also utilizes a core group of bingo distributorships to enhance the company’s product reach, deployment capabilities, as well as product support. Video King has company branch distributor operations in Florida, California and Illinois.

   Ever-expanding, Video King’s e-BOS (Electronic Bingo Operating System) and OMNI Systems, along with our server-based gaming platform, integrate each of Video King’s product lines to work in concert with each other. Video King’s equipment and gaming systems are tested and approved by independent gaming laboratories to meet the unique operational and legal requirements each jurisdiction mandates.

   Video King’s e-BOS also utilizes configurable settings, which allow or limit the functionalities of the equipment and software being shipped, according to each jurisdiction’s specific regulatory requirements. Video King’s server-based gaming platform also allows our company to incorporate both internally produced and third-party gaming content, which expands the gaming products and content available to our customers.    

   Our secure gaming network and portable tablet devices also allow players to play their favorite traditional session bingo games, as well as Video King’s new Class II games, PokerNanza® (four themed video poker bingo games) and PowerSuite (four themed Class II bingo titles that are video reel games).

   What’s best – players don’t have to choose one option of gaming over the other, as Video King’s session bingo games can be played simultaneously with the new Class II bingo games through an 80/20 split-screen view, available within our gaming tablets.

   At Video King, Innovation is the Name of the Game. Our mission is to provide our customers with the availability to the latest equipment and software technologies, while also providing premium customer service, reliable gaming products and competitive pricing. Long-term customer relationships are a key component to the mutually beneficial financial success enjoyed by both our customers and Video King.  

   We thank each of our existing customers for the years and years of ongoing loyalty and support, and we look forward to developing the same type of long-term relationships with all of the new customers who choose Video King.

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