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VOL. XI ISSUE II VIDEO KING NETWORK VKN Get a Charge out of CHAMP-es wireless charge rack CHARGE-e Gaming Site Promotes Charities Halls ideo King is among the worlds largest providers of electronic gaming systems Bingo hall equipment and innovative games. Reaching a global market Video Kings enter- tainment systems can be found aboard luxury cruise liners throughout Indian Country and in thousands of charitable commercial and military establishments around the world. V Read All About It n CHAMP-e Charge Rack Tablet Generating Industry Buzz ... 1 n Gaming Site Offers 6-Month Trial Through Video King ... 1 n A Word From Tim Stuart Video King PresidentCEO ... 2 n Swinomish Casino Lodge Amid Natural Splendor ... 2 nOMNIsPowerVersatility ConstantNewFeatures...3 n Video King To Exhibit New Products at G2E ... 3 n Join Us At BingoWorld Held May 3-5 in Biloxi n Family First For Musical Customer Service Rep ... 4 n PhilanthropicFilmmaker Gives Voice To A People ... 4 n Dorsey A Proven Leader Placed At Help Desk Helm ... 6 n Bar-Coded Paper New Videos Now Available On YouTube ... 7 n Video King Now Offering LED Flashboard Upgrade Kits ... 9 Copyright 2015 VKGS LLC All Rights Reserved Home Of The Champs FALL 2015 W ant to get a real charge ... We certainly have ... in more ways than one. Video King is excited to introduce one of the most techno- logically advanced types of charg- ing systems in the industry today. Known as the CHARGE-e this patent-pending device will be used to power the CHAMP-e our newest Android gaming tablet using wireless technology with possible applications beyond the gaming industry. This new charging system is virtually foolproof theft- proof as well as incredibly easy to service according to Dan Free Video Kings CTO and Vice President of Electronics. Among its many exciting features the charge rack has a sliding door that can be keylocked to ensure tablets cant be removed further enhanc- ing security measures. Capable of holding 10 tablets per rack its new power supply and mechanical workings are all serviceable from the front greatly impacting maintenance ease. And why would this be generating such a buzz ... If you have 250 tablets in your hall with 20 charge racks and the middle rack goes out Wireless Charge Rack New Tablet Generating Buzz Boom Bingo Offering 6-Month Free Trial Through Video King The CHAMP-e gaming tablet and its new wireless charge rack left are being touted for their ingenuity. No the world hasnt gone to the dogs. But Boom Bingo has ... These canine critters are among the most popular Bingo callers beating out the likes of washboard-ab men or gorgeous somewhat dangerously curved women clad only in bikinis. Maybe it has something to do with the German shepherd speaking with a German accent or perhaps the Irish setter with an Irish brogue. Dont worry the beach scene is all PG fun as well as the other themed caller characters and will make perfect sense and in fact designed to make a lot of cents for those who invest in this new ChampionSee Page 6 Boom BingoSee Page 10 Video King Video King Our Android tablet performs a whole new bag otricks with increased levels of animation featuring Champ our canine mascot brighter 1280-x800-pixel screen greater processing power and 10-plus hour run time. We ChampionInnovation 2 VKN VIDEO KING NETWORK FALL 2015 Swinomish Casino Lodge ResortAmidSeaOfNaturalSplendor CHAMP-e Tablet Ready To Perform New Tricks ... A Word From Tim Stuart T hey come from all over the world to cap- ture breath-taking views of Padilla Bay the San Juan Islands Mount Baker the Olympic Range and the magnificent Coast Mountains of British Columbia touted as one of the most beautiful places in the country to visit. They number in the mil- lions to partake in Oyster Run the largest motorcycle event in the Pacific Northwest view the famed Skagit Valley Tulip Festival enjoy some of the best regional dining found luxurious lodging and Vegas-style casino action featuring Video Kings Bingo equipment deemed an innovator in the field. Oh did we mention whale watching a truly mammoth event RV Park golf and fishing packages numerous other excursions live entertainment big-name acts and a host of promotional festivities held throughout the year ... Where ... None other than the Swinomish Casino Lodge owned and operated by the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community in Anacortes Wash. descendants of an ancient band of people who hold a special kinship with the land in which they live. To learn more we asked Terrie Hendrix Slot BingoKeno manager to give us a personalized tour of the property located in the mist of all the splendor evoking their Native American themes throughout its dcor. n Describe the Swinomish Casino Lodge Located on Fidalgo Island a prime destination the Swinomish Casino Lodge offers something for everyone whether youre here for busi- ness pleasure or we certainly hope both. For your comfort the resort features 98 luxury rooms all in elegant Native Ameri- can dcor. The 9000- square Wa Walton Event Center offers ample room for meet- ings as well as weddings and other special occasions. For your dining pleasure the resort offers among the The Swinomish Casino Lodge with its breath- taking views is nestled in Puget Sound Wash. touted among the most beautiful places to visit. The resort offers among the finest regional cuisine at your choice of restaurants. SwinomishCasinoLodge Swinomish Casino Lodge SwinomishSee Page 8 RespectingTheirLand Salmon has always been at the heart of the Swinomish culture and ceremonial life. And they have successfully woven ways of the old with ways of the new. AcommunityofCoastSalishpeoplestheSwinomishTribe firstdescendedfromgroupsandbandsoriginatingfromtheSk- agitandSamishRivervalleyscoastalareassurroundingwaters nearbybaysandnumerousislandsaccordingthetribalWebsite. For thousands of years these tribes maintained a culture centered around abundant salt-water resources that in- cluded salmon shellfish marine mammals as well as upland resources such as cedar berries and wild game they said. Today the Swinomish Community a federally recognized tribe is composed of approximately 900 tribal members with the majority residing on the Swinomish Reservation on Fidalgo Island in Puget Sound or nearby Skagit County located about 70 miles north of Seattle. LandSee Page 8 W e try very hard to take earnest well-meaning advice from all of our customers. We get a lot of great advice from avid Bingo players Bingo callers Bingo room man- agers you name em. So now our reward for being such good listeners is our newest 10-inch Bingogaming tablet release. We called this puppy CHAMP-e. See Champion Article Page 1. So now we want to show CHAMP-e to the world ... We want CHAMP-e to show you all of the new tricks that he has been training for. Pleasecallusforademon- stration.Wehopethatyouwill likewhatyousee.Allofushere atVideoKingareseriouslyproud ofournewestinvention.Thank youallforyourcontinuedsupport. We could not continue to grow without you all feeding us all of the GREAT ideas. Tim Stuart President CEO VKGS LLC dba Video King 1045 N. 115th St. Ste. 200 Omaha NE 68154 800 635-9912 Ext 7777 Cell voice 402 578-1475 Text only 402 575-8387 VideoKingNetwork Tim Stuart FALL 2015 VKN VIDEO KING NETWORK 3 DebitCredit Cards Bar-Coded Paper More OMNIsTruePowerItsVersatility... Video King Debuts New Products At Gaming ExpoW ith an influx of continu- ous new features de- signed with direct input from Bingo managers with varying needs from diverse jurisdic- tions in all sizes of halls one of its biggest strengths is how versatile it is. Of course were talking about OMNI Video Kings multi-functional MICs-com- pliant Bingo management system widely lauded for its supreme tracking ability among many things. First introduced in 2006 today more than 300 of our customers are using various aspects of the OMNI system each custom designed to fit their specific needs. To illustrate just how powerful this systemisweasked DanFreeVideoKings CTO Vice Presi- dent of Electronics and John Mowat OMNI Product Manager to comment on how it can enhance your business What Is OMNIs Scope OMNI is a Bingo hall management system which means that any part of running your business we try to auto- mate and improve including speeding up your work making it easier to do and more accurately. Some Of OMNIs Key Components Include n Point of Sale n Inventory Control n Cash Manage- ment n Players Club point rewards marketing advanced promotions n Gift Certificates Vouchers design-your -own securely n Where Is It Applied Its used in hundreds of sites from local charity and small for-profit games to bowling lanes and military sites up to the biggest and most sophisticated tribal casinos. n What Is The Key Draw You decide how much of the system to use. Any features that arent used the screens just hideso they are never in the way confusing you. n WhatMakesItUniqueFromOther SystemsThefirstthingweoftenhearis howeasytouseOMNIis.Itsbrightand graphicalafarcryfromtheoldspread- sheetstyleprogramsmanyfolksareused to.The fact that most of the back office screens are designed for a touchscreen not just the POS really helps people get comfortable with using it quickly. n Whats The Initial Feedback After a few sessions we often hear from managers that using OMNIs real time -account balancing for Bingo employees has simplified the session-balancing process and made it faster. With OMNI managers and audi- tors always know who is responsible for every penny and piece of paper. AfterthehallhasbeenusingOMNIfor amonthortwowestarttohearabouthow thereportinghasimprovedtheiranalysis ofthebusinesssideoftheirBingo. Particularlyininventorycontrolpull-tab performanceandpromotionusage. And seeing the profitability of each game is a happy surprise to some of our new users who havent been able to get that level of insight with their previous systems. OMNI just does it without adding any extra work for Bingo staff n What Are The Most Popular Modules The most widely used parts of OMNI are certainly the POS reporting and players club. Those are things which are viable and effective for even the smallest Bingo. OMNISee Page 7 DebitCredit Card Processing B e sure to stop by Video Kings Booth No. 3030 to view our lat- est product line at the Global Gaming Expo Sept. 28- Oct. 1 in Las Vegas. Held at the Sands Expo Convention Center G2E is worlds premier event for the casino gaming industry newly expanded to include the Integrated Resort Experience. Each year the event show- cases the latest developments in gaming technology along with educational seminars high-caliber entertainment and keynote addresses by high- profile leaders from within and outside the industry Video King is among the worlds largest providers of electronic gaming systems game designs both cash and credit-based including Quick- Shot themes now with more animation free cards and bonus rounds digital signage and wide variety of Bingo equipment to suit all types of venues. This years show will spotlight the most extensive and diverse collection of exhibitors to date according to show organizers. Video King will showcase everything from our electronic gamingdevicesincludingournew Android tablet the CHAMP-e and wireless charge rack to our Bingo consoles OMNI Bingo hall management system packed with new features and TriplePlay Bingo Display de- signed to SuperSize your game. Be sure to enter our contest drawing as a way of thanking you for stopping by ... For show information log on to For Video King information call 800 635-9912 or visit us online And be sure to follow us on Facebook for more updates promotions 4 VKN VIDEO KING NETWORK FALL 2015 S hes the ownerfounder of Red-Horse Native Productions Inc. which has become the pre-eminent collaborator with American Indian tribal nations bringing important Native stories accu- rately and respect- fully to the screen. Her body of work spans over two decades of film and television creative content and produc- tion always providing insightful sensitive and unique perspectives for both the historical and con- temporary indigenous story according to her recent bio. ShealsohappenstobeoneofthefewDirectors GuildFeatureFilmmembersofNativeAmericandescent. She is Valerie Red-Horse whose creative endeavors and humanitarian efforts have been woven together to give voice to a people to reach a larger audience in a way they may have never been heard in hopes others may care. HercompanyspremierefeaturefilmNaturallyNative was an official Sundance Festival selection at one of the largest independent film festivals in the United States which she wrote produced co-directed starred in and distributed. Red-Horse followed with the WWII PBSITVS award-winning documentary True Whispers The Story of Navajo Code Talkers produced with her friend and collaborator Gale Anne Hurd of Valhalla Entertainment. Known as the First Lady of Sci-Fi Hurd is producer of Academy Award-winning films and Emmy-winning programs that shattered box office and ratings records she said. They include Terminator Aliens Dantes Peak The Incredibles and most recently The Walking Dead which currently reigns as the most-watched scripted drama. Red-Horse has also produceddirected a follow-up program again with Hurd Choctaw Code Talkers Vision Maker MediaPBS. In addition Red-Horse is also ownerfounder of Red-Horse Financial Group Inc. As a registered securities professional she has more than 30 years in-depth experi- ence in the financial servicesinvestment banking industry with a unique expertise in tribal and gaming finance in- cluding debt restructuring taxable issuance private place- ments municipal issuance high-yield bond transactions leveraged finance and management turnaround she said. To date she has led more than 50 financial mandates totaling in excess of 3 billion dollars in transactions for American Indian Tribal Nations and commercial gaming clients. Recognized as an Indian Coun- try expert Red-Horse also writes several gaming and tribal finance focused columns for various indus- try publications and is currently host for Casino Enterprise Manage- ments Native American Gaming live Web cast. The monthly talk show brings analysis updates and insight related to the most talked- about trends and issues facing tribal gaming leaders today she said. In 2014 Tim Stuart Video Kings PresidentCEO was a featured guest giving his perspective as a long-time exhibitor at the Global Gaming Expo the industrys largest tradeshow held annually in Vegas. In recognition of her vast achievements Red-Horse was inducted into National Association of Women Business Owners Hall of Fame in 2008. She is also the founder of two nonprofit organizations and heads a ministry serving the elders and children of the White Earth Ojibwe Community in Cass Lake Minn. as well as a ministry serving women in rehabilitation in downtown Los Angeles. Family First For Mom With Performance Aspirations ... Red-HorseSee Page 5 Coleman Red-Horse n Name Amanda Coleman. n Title Customer service representative. n How Long With Company Three years. n Job Description There is so much to say LOL. We do a lot. n Most Common Customer QuestionsConcerns There are multiple from the tech side to billing to pricing to quotes to order processing. n Best About The Job Love the people and the customers. n Most Difficult Aspect Nothing is in black and white. n Did You Ever Play Bingo Before You Started Here No. n Whats Your Impression Of Bingo Today Its a big industry. Way more than what I expected. n If You Had A Bingo Hall What Would You Do To Promote Busi- ness I would use the Internet. n Place Of Birth Pensacola Fla. n Family I have three children DayJanae age 13 Joshua age 11 and Sunny age 4 my mom and one sibling. n Past Employment I worked at Fontanelle Hybrids in the seed industry under the umbrella of Monsanto and Hewlett Packard. n EducationArea Of Expertise I obtained my bachelors of sci- ence degree in business man- agement. I want to gear toward organizational development. n InterestsHidden Talents I can read music and know how Family FirstSee Page 5 Valerie Red-Horse is directingproducing a documen- tary for PBS on Wilma Mankiller above first woman elected Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation. Cherokee National Historical Society Tahlequah Okla. SubmittedPhoto Philanthropic Filmmaker Pays Tribute ... Red-HorseGivesVoiceToAPeople FALL 2015 VKN VIDEO KING NETWORK 5 Family First Continued From Page 4 But as youve probably gathered her story doesnt end there ... Married since 1982 to former NFL pro Curt Mohl Red-Horse a mother of three has even more notable projects to do and avenues to explore. They include n Producingdirecting in col- laboration with Hurd a docu- mentary for PBS about Wilma Mankiller the first woman elected Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation a revolution- ary figure likened to Eleanor Roosevelt and Rosa Parks omit- ted from many history books. n Financing housing developments in Indian Country by work- ing with HUD to lever- age grant funding into tax-exempt bonds. n Leading their ninth annual mission to help the people of White Earth Cass Lake where unemployment exceeds 60 per- cent winters are extremely hard and there is a lack of basic services she said. But she still managed to take time during a layover to answer the follow- ing questions as she journeyed between here and there ... n What is your heritage Half Chero- keehalf English. nIheardyourfatherwasanimpor- tantchief Thatsfunny...Mydadwasa full-bloodCherokeeborninTahlequah Okla.in1889buthewasnotachiefor anytriballeadereveryonecalledhim Chiefasanicknamethough... n Where were you born and raised My dad was brought to California from Oklahoma in the 40s on a relocation program by the BIA Bureau of Indian Affairs It was a failed program but I benefitted as I was born and raised in California and now live on the beach in what I believe is the most beautiful place on Earth n Were you raised observing Native American traditions. Can you speak the Cherokee language No to both these I was raised primarily by my mother who was English as my father and mother divorced when I was 3 years old. However I went back to the Cherokee Nation as an adult to find my roots and family and became very involved in Indian Country after that. My journey to find my roots is the topic of my first feature film Naturally Native which was a Sun- dance Festival selection and is now thought of as a bit of a classic in Native cinema classes. I also just spent time in Tahlequah at the Cherokee Nation filming the Mankiller documentary and being there is very special for me meeting so many Cherokee people and leaders while being immersed in tradition as well as progress was an amazing experience. n Today the Cherokees number about 300000 what is their status The Oklahoma Cherokee Nation is the second largest tribe in America second to Navajo. They have an annual budget in excess of a billion dollars have the No. 1 health care sys- tem of any tribe in the nation and have many diversified industries as part of their government business. They are a true role model to other tribes. n Its a matrilineal society. Is that rare in Native American societies. What is the role of women in tribal societies has that changed as else- where Women played a strong role in Cherokee culture and governance historically but after the Trail of Tears removal forced relocation of Native Americans and the control by the BIA there was a period of appointed chiefs and male dominance within the tribe rife with sexist attitudes. But in 1985 Wilma Mankiller be- came the first female Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation and was an amazing leader for three terms. I am currently directingproducing a docu- mentary film for PBS about her life. n As a child what did you want to be A filmmaker and motherwife. I am all three now as well as an investment banker the latter was a surprise later in my professional career. n Did you feel a sense of pride being of Native American heritage as a child and what does that mean to you today Actually I was sometimes teased about my name and didnt have a community around me so it was difficult at times. But I always cherished my heritage as something special and my mother taught me to respect it. I am very proud of who I am and of my ancestors. I am delighted that my children also embrace their heritage. n Do you feel a sense of responsibility to Native Americans. If so to do what As a Christian I feel a responsibility to God and my family and to fellow human beings of all races and to be the best person that I can be. I have a deep love for people in general. I have chosen work dedicated primarily to the Native community be- cause God seems to lead me there and I have been welcomed and embraced by many tribes which is a true blessing. nWhatdidyoumajorinincollege TheaterTelevisionandFilmTTFat UCLAfilmmakinghasalwaysbeenmy passionandIamsofortunatethatIam abletomakeacareeroutofiteven thoughitisonlyoneofmymanycareers. n Who has made the biggest impacts on your life I have had the great fortune of so many wonderful people in my life an early pastor Ed Sivas that taught me about the Lords love that will forever be a shin- ing light in my life story my mother who lived until 93 years old and taught me so much about health and nutrition She didnt need a doctor until she was 90 she was a vegan raw foodist my husband Curt who is my partner love of my life best to play the violin. I actually was interested in theater perform- ing. We did a lot of musicals in high school and I was in concert choir. Loved it. Fame Amaz- ing Technicolor Dream Coat and a few others ... My daughter was a contestant in the National American Miss and won state finalist but we were unable to go due to lack of funding. n What People Dont Know About You Before I had kids I was going to New York for performing arts. n Most Memorable Time Of Your Life All of my childrens births. n Most Daring Or Interesting Thing You Have Done Got married LOL. n If You Werent Doing This Stay-at-home mom. n How Do You Unwind Shower and TV. n Whats On Your Bucket List Financial freedom. n Favorite Place To Be Home. n Lifes Motto We are where we are because of the past deci- sions in life. n As A Child What Did You Want To Be I wanted to be a singer. n Favorite Season I love the fall because of the colors and sum- mer because of the late nights. n Favorite TV Shows I like Walking Dead and I enjoy watching Cut Throat Kitchen just entertaining. n Movies AndOr Entertainers Really dont have a favorite movie. However Sandra Bullock is my favorite actress. n Given A Choice What Would Your Last Meal On Earth Be I love tacos homemade tacos not Taco Bell. n Favorite SongSongs I love 80s and 90s music. n Favorite Cocktail Or Drink Amaretto Sours Hennessey. n Person You Most Admire Real Or Fiction My mom She was a single mother and raised my sister and me. n If You Could Be Anyone Or Thing For A Day What Or Who Would It Be I would be 17 again. n Best Gift You Have Ever Gotten My kids. Family FirstSee Page 7 Red-Horse Continued From Page 4 Red-HorseSee Page 9 OfallherendeavorsValerieRed-Horseismostproud of her children. Daughter Chelsea is an elite level beach volleyball player hoping to play on a D1 team. Submitted Photo 6 VKN VIDEO KING NETWORK FALL 2015 AProven Leader TechnicallyAstute T o some they may just be a voice on the phone in their hour of need. But to Video King the Help Desk team on duty 247 fielding more than 20000 in-bound calls each year plays a crucial role in our companys success. In essence the Help Desk team provides support of all Video King equipment for our customers distributors and techni- cal service field team according to Kevin Watson Director of Technical Services and Support for the past three years. They are available 24 hours seven days a week including holi- days to provide support for any of our customers. Working diligently behind the scenes they are one of the most public-facing aspects of our company and do a great job managing our customer issues and providing excellent customer service he said. And to give you an idea just how integral they are just look over these stats Our Help Desk team stays pretty busy with call volume. We receive around 23000 calls a year from customers. This is just the in-bound calls to our Help Desk. We place thousands of outbound calls to customers to follow up on issues that were sent in via e-mail he said. Which is why Steve Dorsey was recently selected as Video Kings new Help Desk manager. Steve has been with us for 2 12 years now Watson said. During this time he has proven himself as a leader on our Help Desk team. During the last 6 months he has been taking on more and more responsibilities. Steve is a guy on our team that is well respected for his technical abil- ity and customer service from both customers and employ- ees alike. We are really excited to see him continue to grow as the Help Desk Manager he added. Not to mention his IT experience and military training which no doubt helped prepare him for the wide-ranging complexities inherent to the job. Knowing what call you will receive is impossible Watson explained. Sometimes its a 2-minute call just asking to renew a license key the next call might be a 6- hour call that walks a customer through completely rebuild- ing a machine and reinstalling all necessary software. They need to be ready for anything at any time at any hour of the day he said. This is one of the unique things related to our Help Desk. Their day will vary from day to day call to call. This is also why all of our Help Desk team has to be tech- nically strong in a multitude of areas. We always say that we want to hire employees that have inch-deep mile-wide IT knowledge base. This way they can handle any support call that comes their way. But if you could cite their biggest challenge that would in itself be an issue. Its hard to single out one incident Watson said.If you talked to every Help Desk member they would probably have 10 to 15 different cases they could cite and it would be different for each member of our Help Desk team. Typically the most challenging situations involve us driving blind. This is when we have no visibility to see what the customer sees and have to rely on the customer relaying all messages and configuration verbally. This is why we push very hard for us to always have remote access to our systems. This allows us to see what the customer is seeing on their end without the customer verbally relaying all the details. When we dont have this remote access it makes supporting a site much more difficult. Our guys are very good at being able to walk our customers through click-by- click on how to check settings and configurations he said. But the Help Desk team already has a solution in play. The hard part of troubleshooting this way is that some- times the customer makes an errant click or cant find the configuration setting that you are asking them to check. Steve Dorseys IT experience and military training have helped prepare him for the lead role as Video Kings Help Desk manager. The Help Desk team pro- vides 247 support for all of Video Kings equipment. Video King Help DeskSee Page 11 Watson Champion Continued From Page 1 ChampionSee Page 7 that could be a big maintenance headache Free said of the charge rack current designs. Using less power than before the CHARGE-e also has a 21 charge ratio meaning for every one hour of charge youll get two hours of run time. Almost no one has 8- to 10-hour sessions. Most halls only have 2- to 4-hour sessions then they would charge the device after that he said of its optimal charging time. But how the system works one might say is where we get our biggest charge ... even igniting others might say pardon the pun some mega-watt delight. You simply place the tablets horizontally on the shelves like you would a pan in the oven. Once on the shelf there is no possibility for mis- alignment there are no connec- tors. You can put it in straight or crooked as long as the screen side is up Free explained. Thats because CHARGE-e with its seamless design uses conductive technology or making contact to create the charge. Or in simpler terms ... Each shelf has two connec- tor plates about an inch apart. The backs of the tablets have pins to form a contact base. Once contact is made between them an indicator light shows the charger is connected and charging he explained. Procuring the right tablet for our customer base along with the new charge rack also factored heavily for our Research Development team headquar- tered in Winnipeg. Video King extensively tests all our tablets and handsets to provide the highest quality device possible Free said as evidenced in our products long- standingpopularityanddurability. That includes CHAMP-e our next generation of gaming devices. Notable features include a sleeker Wi-Fi design brighter 1280- x 800-pixel screen greater processing DorseyPlacedAt HelpDeskHelm FALL 2015 VKN VIDEO KING NETWORK 7 In larger sites inventory cash and pay-out management all go hand-in- hand. Every Bingo hall needs to under- stand these things in order to be successful and we are honored that many sites use OMNI to do so. Can You Give Some Testaments The marketing folks love OMNIs ability to de- sign your own vouchersgift certificates with fun graphics and cool text. Its like having your own graphic designer on staff Some Bingo managers think that the part with the biggest impact is our promotions system. OMNI lets you define sales rules and you can combine these simple little rules into almost any sort of promotion you can imagine ... which OMNI then automatically recognizes and applies to sales at the POS. Its a big payoff for your players eliminates training for your cashiers and provides crystal-clear reporting on how much each promotion costs your business and how often players make use of it. By putting OMNI in charge of applying your promotions it prevents the unintendedunauthorized usage of POS discounts which can cause lost revenue for your hall. Some Examples Anybody who buys in before 6 p.m. gets 50 bonus player points or Anybody who spends 100 or more on Saturday night gets 10 percent off Wednesday night. The system just does these things automatically and gives management complete confidence that rewards are only being given to players who the system recognizes as meeting your criteria. Newest Features n CardDebit Cards OMNI now supports both credit and debit cards for payments. We do this through an inter- face with Shift4 a leader in the payment card industry. Our combined solution allows our Bingo hall customers to implement a PCI-DSS Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliant solution including the latest requirement to be EMV Europay MasterCard Visa compliant as well. n Bar-Coded Paper Late 2015 The Bingo industry is evolving and one of thechangesweareseeingistheincreased use of bar-coded Bingo paper. The bar codes allow increased auditability and control of the Bingo cards. This is very important for halls that offer large jack- pots where the risk of illegal paper being brought into the hall is higher. The bar codes also allow cashiers to make sales as fast or faster than before so the increased auditability does not hamper the speed at the cashier. n DeskPaymaster Integration Integrated Callers Desk and Paymaster functionality allows the caller to automat- ically provide all winning prize amounts to the paymaster so there is less work for the paymaster to do and reduced chance of any errors. n Jackpot AccrualsSignage A prized feature thats quite progressive in terms of Bingo management systems OMNI can now manage and update your progressive prizes automatically. Its just the latest in a series of features that help keep your eye on the ultimate prize your bottom line. Not only can OMNI do the math for you but it automatically sends the prize data to digital signage. The data can also be exported to be printed on a prize board hand-out to give to players to build excitement before the games begin. n Cite An Example Of Improved Operations My favorite story is from the very first hall we ever took OMNI to back when it was first being built. It was a small tribal game which had tried to use various hall management systems before giving up and reverting to pen paper and spreadsheets. The Bingo manager and supervisor told us that even though Bingo finished around midnight theyd never left before 2 a.m. because thats how long the paperwork would take for each session. The staff was understandably skeptical of using a system after their previous experi- ences but the very first session we ever ranwiththemwascompletelybalanced andlightsoutjustaftermidnight.The manager and supervisor were so excited OMNI Continued From Page 3 VideoKing OMNISee Page 10 n Best Thing Ever Invented The printing press It revolu- tionized the world. n If You Had A Superpower I would fly or read minds. n What Are You Most Thankful For My family. n If You Could Change One Thing About The World What Would It Be People being mean. n If You Won The Lottery I would go underground and hire an attorney. Champion Continued From Page 6 power for more complex patterns and 10-plus hour run time. Touted as a whole new dimen- sion in gaming the CHAMP-e is also capable of playing both cash and our highly popular credit-based games featuring dynamic themes now with free cards and bonus rounds. Now in its final design stage the 10-inch device will be enclosed in a rubberized casing with adjustable stand much like our previous tablets for added protection against drops and breakage. And wed be remiss not to mention its rather unique fun factor indicative of our entire Champ line of gaming devices. In addition to more en- hanced high-resolution graphics this portable touch-screen tablet will also include a series of animations featuring our canine mascot Champ in a variety of new poses. So dont be surprised when this rascally critter pounces his paws up against the screen to greet you pops up randomly during games or playfully wags his tail each time you Touch Screen and Yell Bingo As you can see when it comes to electronic gaming Video King continuously strives to lead the charge bringing you the most satisfaction and maxi- mum level of entertainment. To learn more contact us at 800 635-9912 or e-mail us at Family First Continued From Page 5 John Mowat OMNI project manager demos the use of bar-coded paper in one of many videos posted on our YouTube Channel. The video links can also be found in our Media Center at Gila River Casinos is pleased to be among the first casinos in the gaming industry to make debit only payments available to Bingo guests. This new feature has en- hanced our players overall guest experience by allowing us to offer them an additional point of service and convenience. We have found this new offering to be especially popular among our younger guests who predominantly operate cash- less during our late night B.A.D. and Bingo Eclipse sessions. - Louis J. DiCampli Corporate Director of Gaming for Gila River Casinos 8 VKN VIDEO KING NETWORK FALL 2015 finest regional cuisine at your choice of restaurants including the Two Salmon Caf 10 Sports Bar The Deli and 13moons prepared by a master chef with fresh delicacies from the land and sea. Our 247 Vegas-style casino ac- tion offers more than 800 of the latest slot titles and table games including Black Jack Craps Roulette Pai Gow along with a Keno room and 400-seat Bingo hall featuring Video Kings premier line of gaming equipment. And when youre ready to hit the greens the resorts all-new Swinomish Golf Links and Callaway Performance Center can customize and outfit any of your golfing needs. n What is the area known for The Swinomish Casino Lodge overlooks the San Juan Islands Mount Baker and the Skagit Valley offering breath- taking views. Located in Anacortes Wash. an outdoor paradise the area is known for whale watching a famed tulip festival hiking and fishing drawing millions to the resort each year. It is widely considered one of the most beautiful places to visit. n When was it established Swinomish Casino Lodge opened its doors as a Bingo hall in 1985. Subse- quent additions included the casino in 1994 followed by the lodge in 2012. n What is it best known for Not only are we known for stellar customer service but stunning views of Padilla Bay. n What type of customer does it attract We are a destination nestled in the beautiful scenic Northwest. Because of our unique location and our abundance of amenities our visitors range from a local to an international clientele. n Any recent changesadditions To better accommodate our guests we recently expanded our designated parking area with the addition of more than 100 new spaces. n Any additional plans for the casino With our growth potential were considering adding new infra- structure to our back-of- house opera- tions and expanding theWaWalton Event Center and RV Park proven to be a popular destination. n What are some of the most popular features at Swinomish Every year we host a concert to coincide with Oyster Run the largest motorcycle event in the Pacific Northwest attract- ing tens of thousands of visitors. InApriltheSkagitValleyTulipFestival drawscrowdsfromallovertheworld. In addition to these local events we host live music on the main stage every weekend and promo- tions nearly every day of the week. For a listing of events please visit n How do you incorporate social media into your promotions We are active participants in social media and engage with our visitors friends and fans across a number of plat- forms including Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest YouTube LinkedIn TripAdvisor Yelp and more. You can find Facebook pages for the Swinomish Casino Lodge as well as 13moons Restaurant Swinomish Bingo and Swinomish Golf Links. n Any social media tips for others Think of your social media pages not simply as a place to advertise but as an online community where you can engage with your players guests employees and friends. n How popular is Bingo there Bingo which opened in 1985 remains highly popular among our guests. Our Bingo facility is conveniently located adjacent to the casino floor allowing easy access for guests to enjoy the many other amenities found throughout the resort. n How often is it played Swinomish Casino Lodge offers Bingo Tuesday through Sunday featuring 15 sessions per week. To play Bingo one must be 16 years of age. To play casino games one must be 18 years of age. n What are some of your most pop- ular Bingo promotions Many of our promotions are immensely popular with our players including Color Ball Dab n Win Colossal Bingo Bonus Ball Bingo Bunny Blitz Treasure Trove Grand Slam Bingo Rainbow of Riches Party Game and Wild Wheels. We prefer to offer interactive promotions for our guests allowing them to participate just as they would on the casino floor. n What type of Video King equip- ment does Swinomish use For our Bingo venue we chose OMNI Video Kings point-of-sale and Bingo man- The Swinomish Casino Resort custom-designed their PowerPlay 500 Bingo console with one of Video Kings wraps to enhance their new stage area. The remov- able vinyl decals are also available in stock designs. Swinomish Casino Lodge SwinomishSee Page 9 Swinomish Continued From Page 2Like many Native Americans they have a special kinship to the land in which they live. The reser- vation approximately 15 miles in size is surrounded by 27 miles of salt-water shoreline and bounded by Skagit Bay on the west Swino- mish Channel on the east and Padilla Bay on the north. With 10000 years of knowl- edge of our ancestral waters be- hind us our dedication and sense of responsibility toward manag- ing and protecting the bounty of the Salish Sea and water re- sources beyond it is just as vital to our heritage today as it was so many years ago they said. While a number of tribal members still rely on salmon fishing and shellfish harvesting for a portion of their livelihood such traditional subsistence methods are no longer the sole means of support for many tribal families. Hence the tribe has become one of the five largest employers in the county with more than 250 employees in tribal government and roughly 300 employees in its casino and other enterprises. In addition to the Swinomish Casino Lodge and RV Park they include n The Swinomish Chevron Smoke Shop and Liquor Store n Ramada Ocean Shores Hotel and North Shore Grill n Swinomish Fish Co. Inc. a seafood wholesaler retailer and custom processing plant featur- ing NativeCatch all natural wild and sustainably harvested. As a community they approach their self-governance with one fundamental question in mind How will our decisions af- fect the next seven generations. We make decisions based on our belief that we are as permanent as the soil and our grandparents blood rights and our childrens sovereignty are found in our lands waters and resources The decisions we make and actions we take up- hold our way of life they said. To learn more about the Swinomish Tribal Community please visit their Web site Land Continued From Page 2 FALL 2015 VKN VIDEO KING NETWORK 9 Red-Horse Continued From Page 5 friend and greatest positive influ- ence my three children who all somehow turned out ab- solutely amazing even though they have some crazy parents my pro- ducing partnermentor Gale Anne Hurd who is the most amazing producer and business woman alive and Erma Vizenor Tribal Chair- woman of the White Earth Ojibwe Nation a leader friend and men- tor who means so much to me. There are many more but those are just a few examples of how lucky I am to be surrounded by great people n You are currently involved in a number of projects The film Mankiller Wilmas life story for PBS financing sev- eral casino projects The White Earth Cass Lake Mission Trip. Tell us about them With the film we hope to tell a story about a true American hero who accomplished so very much and was able to put aside any political divisiveness. Her story is very relevant today and we hope to share it with the world. I am structuring financing for several projects that accom- plishes economic development and community growth. The mission trip is philan- thropic and another great pas- sion of mine as we bring teams up into rural Minnesota where there is great need and are so blessed to be able to make a small difference every year. n What are the most pressing needs in your opinion of Native Americans Breaking the cycle of poverty educating our youth ending political divisiveness working together and partnering. n One sees some tribes achieve such great financial success while others live in abject poverty. Can you cite chief reasons Every tribe is an independent sovereign so we will always have diversity in success. For gaming a lot is based on location and that is hard to change so we need to also be looking at other industries and economic diversification. Red-HorseSee Page 11 Bulbs Upgrade Kits NowAvailable LEDFlashboardsATripleSavings... V ideo King is now offering LED flashboards and LED flashboard upgrade kits which amounts to a triple savings ... Watt Thats right not only can LL LEDs save you Lmoneybuttime LLandenergy. n LED LLL- LLLbulbs are LLnoticeably LLwhiter and LLfour times LL- LLbrighter than LLLLtraditional incandescent bulbs. n LEDs use up LL to 80 percent less power than incandescent bulbs and can last up to 20 years longer. n The LED has a general life expectancy of 30000 hours vs. only 1000 for the 1820 bulb. n LEDs run about 25 degrees F cooler than incandescents but useonly.56wattsvs.2.8wattsofelectric- itysavingyoumoremoneyinthelongrun. And if that doesnt shed enough light on their benefits consider this LEDS not only lower maintenance costs but lessen the labor. So Bingo hall operations you can stow that ladder and take a breather ... The true cost of incandescent bulbs is the cost of replacements and of course your time and labor However due to safety concerns an LED upgrade kit is required before installing ANY LED lamp into ANY exist- ing incandescent lamp flashboard. If you are unsure your flashboard has been upgraded please contact our 247 Help Desk at 888 246-4609. The difference is clear. LED flashboards are noticeably whiter and four times brighter than incandescent bulbs. Contact us at 800 635-9912 or for pricing and upgrade information. VideoKing agement system and the TAB-e a portable touch-screen gaming device. n Why did Swinomish select Video Kings gaming products Through the process of vendor selection we found Video King was a company that embraced their vision for the future in their products service and support. n Are you pleased with Video Kings level of support and service Video King has been available to us 247 to support our needs. However the equipment is reliable and efficient and there has not been a high demand for support. We find this to be another value component. n Did the installation go smoothly The installation of Video Kings equipment was a smooth transition for our players as well as our team. In fact the level of service provided for training on the units during our live sessions exceeded our expectations. n What are the TAB-es best features Its overall ease of use. In addition the gaming tablets are lightweight and have a long battery life allowing seamless play from early matinees through Cosmic Bingo held in the evenings. We also utilize the TAB-es up-sell feature. This is a tremendous op- portunity allowing a larger realm of player tracking that we can analyze to improve return and rewards for our players. n Any feedback from employees and customers OMNI has been custom- designed to meet our needs. The auditors as well as our management team also appreciate OMNIs desktop option feature. n Why did you decide to do a custom- design Bingo console The stage within our Bingo venue serves as a focal point for our guests. Video Kings custom- design desk added a nice element to our newly designed stage area. We worked closely with our in-house graphic design team to create a design that enhanced the overall appearance. n What does your job entail My job varies daily. I manage Bingo Keno and electronic gaming. These multiple depart- ments have various specific demands making each and every day a challenge which I fully embrace. n What is your backgroundwork expe- rience I began my career in the gaming industry back in 1987 working in the deli at two local charitable Bingo halls.Three years later I transitioned to floor worker followed by management after a couple of years. I continued to work in charitable Bingo in Washington until 2004. n How does it help in your current position My experience and knowledge in Bingo has allowed me ample opportunity at Swinomish. I began my career here as the Bingo manager in 2005. I accepted the opportunity as Interim Cash Cage Manager for a year and most recently ac- cepted the Slot and Keno Manager posi- Swinomish Continued From Page 8 SwinomishSee Page 11 10 VKN VIDEO KING NETWORK FALL 2015 promotional offer available exclusively through Video King. Scratching your heads ... Lets be even more clear ... Boom Bingo is a unique Social Bingo game network that allows Bingo halls to deliver a wide range of live caller Bingo games to players on their computers tablets mobile phones and Facebook. Not to compete but designed to promote your Bingo hall Booms games are purely for entertainment. Players cannot win money or prizes playing Booms games just points and recognition according to Terry Debono the mastermind behind the site along with his brother David. InfactBoomBingoisanoffshootof BoomGaming anentiregamingnetwork developedbytheDebonoswhohavemore than25yearsofexperienceinland-based televisionandvideogameindustries. For a limited time Video Kings clients are eligible to receive free set-up and six months of Boom Bingo a 3000 savings along with many player perks at no charge. This special offer includes the set up of the Bingo site with your logo and providing advertising and promotional space to add information specific to your hall typically a 750 to 1000 value depending on the site he said. And its not just Bingo with a wide and wildly amusing range of traditional and themed callers patterns and games. Who knew Dracula called Bingo ... Perhaps just at night ... In addition to a chat room leaderboard ever popular for bragging rights the site features everyones favorite casino games from keno slots and roulette as well as trivia and word games cus- tomizable for your hall as well as gift buddies badges for points earned and other promos prizes and perks. So why Bingo ... Our history in the land-based Bingo industry convinced us that a different approach to online Bingo games was necessary Debono explained. We build our games to fundamen- tally support Bingo halls. Not compete with them. We are the only company that has done this he added. And whats good for Bingo in their eyes is good for the industry. Boom Gaming and its associated companies have more than a decade of research and development behind it and with more than 150 staff we are constantly expanding to meet the needs of our clients he said. They base their beliefs on their con- cept of the Boom Gaming ecosystem. The concept extends the relationship between Bingo hall operators and chari- ties to existing Bingo players lapsed Bingo players and new Bingo players. Where in return playing social Bingo online drives players to visit their local participating land-based Bingo hall. And heres how they differentiate themselves from other gaming sites. For the player Booms games are designed to integrate game play chat rooms and leaderboards into one com- pelling interactive experience he said. For the Bingo hall or charitable operator Booms games are designed to integrate marketing and promotional information about the land-based venue and provide an opportunity to deliver incentives such as rewards and VIP treatment to online players who must redeem these offers at the hall. Boom Bingo can even benefit halls or charities that already have an exist- ing Facebook page or Web site. We provide a turn-key or com- pleted social gaming site at a fraction of the cost of creating a dedicated prod- uct. One that is very cost effective yet high in production quality. For further proof they simply analyze the stats Our social gaming product dramatically outperforms static Web and Facebook sites in both player time on site and player frequency of visitation. More people visit our sites they spend more time at the site when visiting or playing and our product is designed to get players to go to the land -based Bingo hall to play real Bingo to win real money he said. Boom Bingo Boom Bingo Continued From Page 1 Boom BingoSee Page 12 Boom Bingo a social gaming network can be custom-designed to promote your Bingo hall or charity. For a limited time Video Kings clients can receive free set-up and a six-month trial a 3000 value. n How Are The Various Modules Developed From Day 1 OMNI has been shaped by our users. Members of our design team have spent time at many Bingo halls and casinos over the years to get that hands-on experience and understanding of how the real world operates. Some of our most popular reports were almost fully designed by our users who get a lot of value from our system and just need that one new report which ties every- thing together for them. In particular our Update Inventory screen was put together for one of the most tightly- run Bingo inventory rooms in California and our very popular Pull-Tab Deal Performance report was done to spec for a tribal hall in Minnesota. OMNI has really been a team effort between Video King and our super-knowledgeable Bingo hall users. With hundreds of facilities running our system in more than 50differentregulatoryjurisdictions one of the biggest challenges weve faced and I think accomplished is to build a system which suits each of these unique environments. Its been a process of identify- ing common ground between all these different worlds and finding which additions will provide the biggest benefit across the board. Were so excited that we have several big new pieces of the puzzle coming out this year progressive jackpot management desk and paymaster integration and bar- coded paper scanning. What Is The Unifying Factor With a system as broad as OMNI we always strive for SIMPLICITY of operation and comprehensive audit and reporting. With more than 120-plus reports and counting we always pay close attention to how every change fits into the reporting framework. Whether were adding a simple checkbox on a screen or an entire new feature such as progressive jackpot management making sure that it ties into the interconnected web of the account- ing in our reports is so critical. As Complex As It Is How Easy Is It To Use Weve had really great feedback from our users. They tell us that OMNIs bright clear touch- screen-friendly designs are the best around for learning and training. OMNI Continued From Page 7 Red-Horse Continued From Page 9 n What role does Bingo play Bingo is a great tradition that draws a lot of people into the casino it is a fun game and now has renewed interest since it can beplayedonlineandelectronically. n Any feedback on Video Kings products or services Video King has a great reputa- tion and a team that is loved throughout the industry. n What accomplishments are you most proud of My children n What do you do to unwind have fun Unwind Ha Thats a foreign concept. But right now my youngest daughter Chelsea Red-Horse Mohl is entering her senior year in high school and is an elite level beach volleyball player she is in the midst of the recruiting process for college and hopes to play on a D1 team sand volleyball became an offi- cial NCAA sport in 2014. Right now all of my spare time is spent at her tournaments and I ab- solutely love those times being on the beach and watching her compete doesnt get any better n If you had one wish That I can follow Gods plan for my life with a happy heart and a willing mind and love others around me like He loved us FALL 2015 VKN VIDEO KING NETWORK 11 tions in 2013. I am very thankful for the opportunities I have re- ceived to learn from the various management staff and team members throughout my career. I believe that absorbing the knowl- edge available to you is an oppor- tunity that you cannot allow to pass by if you desire to succeed. n I heard you give seminars on promotions and social media In the past I have had the privi- lege of speaking with many of my colleagues since 2009 at both Bingo WorldSouthern Gam- ing Summit as well as the Class II Indian Gaming Summit. I truly enjoy the opportunity to share my knowledge as well as gain know- ledge from my colleagues and attendees. The wonderful thing about Bingo is our ability to open- ly support each other and share our successes and failures to ben- efit future survival of the game. Swinomish Continued From Page 9 This is why its so critical for us to have remote access to our system through either a dial-up connection or our preferred high-speed connection using software called Teamviewer. Without remote access a call that would take 15 minutes can end up easily taking an hour or more he said. But Watson who leads this SWAT team of trouble-shooters likes to face these challenges head on. This job has allowed me to work hand-in-hand with our customers on all kinds of projects. I like the challenge of being presented an idea and then work- ing with our team to come up with a solu- tion and then work with the customer to implement the solution he said. The same could be said of Dorsey originally from San Bernardino Calif. who is married and has one son aged 3. n Please recap your technical expert- iseprior experience. My technical experi- ence started before even my teen-age years. I had always been fascinated with new technology and even 20 years later still am. I enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 2005 to become an Information Systems Technician. MyworkintheNavystarted withexposuretoradioandmessaging systemsinsteadofcomputers.OfcourseI joinedtheNavywiththeintentofworkingon computersbutthecommunicationssideof thingshadbecomeveryinterestingaswell. In 2007 2008 I spent a 6-month tour in Kuwait working on PCs for the U.S Customs and the Navy Expeditionary Logistics Support Group NAVELSG. After returning after several years of trying I eventually found a job working for a telecommunication company that really valued my skills. I started there as a bench tech and within two years I experienced a lot of growth. It was during this time that I met Kevin Watson who became my manager. In 2012 Kevin left the telecommunication industry to come work for Video King and there soon be- came talk of starting up a second loca- tion for the Help Desk in Omaha Neb. Naturally he reached out to see if I would be interested in applying. My family and I had an interest in moving to Omaha so I applied. The rest is history. n Your experience thus far with com- pany. What have you learned As I men- tioned before when I started with Video King there was no Help Desk in Omaha so that meant that the people that would form the foundation of knowledge for me lived and worked more than 600 miles away. This would present a great challenge but I wouldnt be in it alone. Shortly after I started Guy Finley was offered a position and he and I would work together to gain as much knowledge as we could as quickly as we could. Even after two and a half years we are still learning. The world of technology is ever changing so there are always new concepts to learn you never know when you are going to be thrown a curve ball. Overall I find that Video King is an excellent place to work it continues to exceed my expectations. n Has your concept of Bingo changed I would say that my concept of Bingo has been turned completely inside out. I had been to a few different Bingo halls prior to working for Video King but they only play- ed on paper and the most memorable part was a room filled from corner to corner with cigarette smoke. Today even in those halls the scene is completely different. n What do you think of the electronic gaming industry in general My answer in one word. Complex. Sometimes the best solution to a problem is the easiest one but in gaming no matter how simple a solution is you have to stay four steps ahead. n How do you think it will change in the future The potential for gaming is limitless. With the evolution of games being what it is I have a hard time pic- turing what is next. I think that we will see a lot of enhancements to the experi- ence of gaming including Bingo. n How do you feel about being promoted I am excited to start a new chapter in my work at Video King. When your work has you solving prob- lems at the end of the day youre re- warded by the satisfaction of finding the solution. With my promotion I will be playing a different role in finding these solutions. Of course I am now presented withanotherchallengetomanage the day-to-day operations of the Help Desk. n Your strengths I would say that I am a detailed problem solver. I look at an issue and consider all of the details before making a recommendation for a solution. n Your biggest challenge Thus far my biggest challenge has been balancing all that is involved with managing a Help Desk. There are certain things that we must make time for and time is a hard thing to get more of. n How do you think the technological field will change A lot of the improve- ments that we are seeing today are incomplete. In five years I think we will likely be using a lot of these methods more in everyday life. Voice recognition and dictation will soon become more integrated with our lives. I would say the same for gesture-based technologies. As technology improves the field will require a larger more knowledgeable work force. n Your advice to clientscustomers I could offer a lot of good advice here but I will narrow it down to one in partic- ular. I know that it is sometimes difficult to arrange time to call the Help Desk for support. Quite often we receive phone calls about issues that have been ongoing sometimes for months. To prevent data loss and possibly a much bigger problem it is best to bring these issues up as soon as possible. If you see an error that you just dont know what it means please give the Help Desk a call. We can be reached at 888 246-4609 or at n Best invention to date There are too many great inventions for me to pick any- one. My favorites would be the light bulb telephone automobile and personal com- puter. Its hard to imagine what life would truly be like without these. n What would you invent if you had the resources I would like to develop a smartphone application that I think might help a lot of people. The applica- tion would be used for navigating city traffic. It would track a users trips from home to work or other places. The application will learn from the data it records as well as live traffic data to be able to suggest routes that may be faster. This way the app might be able to take you a different route based on the time of day or the day of the week as well as road closures and traffic patterns. n If you werent in this field I wouldnt mindrunningmyownaudiovisualcompany supplying and installing a wide range of commercial and residential AV solutions. n When the day is done I really enjoy spending time with my family. Nearly every night after work we enjoy a home-cooked meal at the dinner table. n If you could change one thing I would change some of the decisions that I made in early adulthood. I should have made going to college a priority. Help Desk Continued From Page 6 To get to know this person so heavily involved in customer relations heres a profile on Dorsey wed like to share ... 12 VKN VIDEO KING NETWORK VKGS LLC Video King Headquarters 1045 N. 115th Ste. 200 Omaha NE 68154 Toll Free 800 635-9912 Local 402 951-2970 Fax 402 951-2990 Manufacturing 7270 Pacific St. Omaha NE 68114 Toll Free 800 525-8380 Facility 402 951-2970 Fax 402 315-3496 Florida Affiliates Tampa Office 9940 Currie Davis Dr. Ste. 122 Tampa FL 33619 Toll Free 877 746-6087 Local 813 628-4020 Fax 813 628-4013 Fort Lauderdale Office 3402 S.W. 26th Terrace Ste. B4 Fort Lauderdale FL 33312 Local 954 321-8300 Toll Free 800 786-2464 Fax 813 954-321-8262 VKGECanadaLtd. Research Development 1475 Chevrier Blvd. Ste. 100 Winnipeg MB R3T 1Y7 Local 204 452-0100 Fax 204 452-0600 Help Desk 888 246-4609 Newsletter Editor Carla Chance 800 635-9912 Ext. 5851 But do people really enjoy playing for just points and recognition. Boom has over 830000 registered users with the average player spending 20-plus minutes per visit. Our games are lots of fun to play they are easy to play and they have a sense of community similar to what is found in a Bingo hall he said. In fact our players love the live caller. Its not a robot calling Bingo its a caller who has a personality and a style that con- nects with the players. It includes a chat area where the players can chat with their friends and the leaderboard area where they can show their accomplishments and achievements he said. The Bingo site which operates 247 is based on the Freemium games model where the product is free but money is charged for the proprietary features functionality virtual goods or addi- tional playtime. Players automatically earn Boom Bucks credits each day they visit the site. They can also win Boom Bucks cred- its for playing games or can purchase more to extend playing time through Facebook iOS Google and PayPal he said. We also run a wide variety of content and promotions to award Boom Bucks to players for their accomplishments and loyalty he added. If they act now clients who take advantage of this offer can bonus their players with additional benefits. Each Video King Bingo HallCharity player will receive a minimum of 50 Boom Bucks as virtual credits each day they visit the site. As part of this special pro- motion Boom will further provide each HallCharity player with a one-month promo- tional Gold Package a 19.95 value to encour- age participation. If 1000 people register from each Bingo Hall thats 19950 of subscription value to use he said. As far as requirements Debono points out another highly popular perk Boom Bingo will do 99 percent of the work. Its easy for the hall or charity to participate. We can turn on a site within a week in nor- mal circumstances. Its all Web-based and really easy to administer. And once its up and running its virtu- ally foolproof. Any content updates made by the authorized Bingo hall or charity reps will not affect the Booms games engines. Consequently no updates can interrupt game play he explained. But they want the customers to be the judge and jury and leave the calling to well in this case the dogs ... To learn more or arrange a demo call 800 625-9912 or To check out the site log on to www.boomgaming.comvideoking Once you sign up youll be able to play Boom Bingo free each day with an allotment of 50BB Boom Bucks. As a special offer to Video King cus- tomers each person who registers receives a 1-Month Free Boom Gold Subscription which will provide additional daily allowances access to additional games and additional entertainment features. Once registered youll have full ac- cess to all Boom social gaming products. Boom Bingo a social gaming site designed to promote your charity or hall is offering a free 6-month trial through Video King A 3000 value. BoomGaming Boom Bingo Continued From Page 10 Video KingVKGS LLC 1045 N. 115th Ste. 200 Omaha NE 68154 Facebook.comVideoKingNetwork PRSRT STD US POSTAGE PAID OMAHA NE PRINTCO GRAPHICS FALL 2015