VKN New Milestone! PokerNanza’s Our First Server-Based Class II Game! ideo King is among the world’s largest providers of electronic gaming systems, Bingo hall equipment and innovative games. Reaching a global market, Video King’s entertainment systems can be found aboard luxury cruise liners, throughout Indian Country and in thousands of charitable, commercial and military establishments around the world. V Read All About It! ■. El Dorado PL Hands-Free Console Gold Standard ... 1 ■ GLI Approves PokerNanza’s Multi-Site, Linked Version ... 1 ■ A Word From Tim Stuart, Company President/CEO ... 2 ■ Point Hotel & Casino Offers Guests Welcoming Retreat ... 2 ■ OMNI’sNewAutomaticPlayer DrawModuleARealWinner!...3 ■ Bar Bingo Helps Make Happy Hour Even Merrier! ... 3 ■ Florida Crew Salvages Bingo Equipment, All Ship-Shape ... 4 ■ Software Developer Views Life As One Grand Adventure ... 4 ■ VIP Printing Service Offers Perks For Card-Carrying Members ... 5 ■ Executive Marketing Director “Hogging” The VIP Spotlight ... 5 ■ Technically Speaking: Back-Up Plan Prevents Data Loss ... 6 ■ OMNIModuleIssuesPull-Tabs On-SiteOrVia Internet ... 8 he El Dorado PL,™ a name that evokes tales of legendary riches, may be the best “pick” of any hands-free Bingo console around ... Just ask any Bingo operator, worth his weight in gold. Much like the miners of yore, Video King knows true value – when it comes to Bingo – and knows when it has struck gold. An alternative to the Corona Integra II,™ Video King’s new El Dorado PL offers the same integrity of a hands-free system, but a more compact, high-speed console – all at a reduced price. t’s a momentous occasion ... Video King is game and trying its “hand” at something new ... “Video King is pleased to announce it has received approval from GLI for its linked and inter- active, multi-site progressive version of PokerNanza,® a Class II Bingo game,” according to Phil Sherwood, the com- pany’s Director, Class II Gaming. “This is a significant milestone in Video King’s history, as this is the com- pany’s first server-based, Class II game offering. PokerNanza brings all of the excitement of a true Video Draw Poker game in the form of a Class II Bingo game, which will be played on mobile, handheld Android tablets, called the CHAMP-e,™ ” he said. Setting the highest standards, GLI (Gaming Laboratories International) is a leading testing and certification services company within the gaming industry, ElDoradoThe‘Gold’Standard New Hands-Free Bingo Console Best Prospect! PokerNanza/See Page 12 T I Video King Milestone In Video King History! The El Dorado PL hands-free console offers valued integrity, with faster speed, lower cost and compacted size. El Dorado/See Page 9 GLIApproves PokerNanza Link Play VOL. XIII, ISSUE II VIDEO KING NETWORK FALL 2017 Home Of The Champs!