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The Making Of A 'Champ!'

In the beginning was a void in the bingo industry ...
Then inspiration struck
There was movement
Then there was light
Someone had a bright idea, and Video King was formed

The newly created company developed and placed its first, fixed-based electronic gaming systems with the Manitoba Lottery Corporation in 1993.

Dan Free, Video King’s Chief Technology Officer, since retired, moved over to Video King from the Manitoba Lottery Corp. in 1996. It was at that time that Video King (then a division of Stuart Entertainment Inc.) acquired Power Bingo Inc. from David Facciani.

The Power Bingo devices were one of the first handheld electronic bingo devices to be deployed throughout North America.

Lil' Champ, our canine, cartoon mascot, was born in 1998 and was the first color handheld bingo device to be introduced to the playing public. The competitors were forced to play catch up.

In February of 2005, Video King began its own enterprise, and spun off (separated) totally from Stuart Entertainment/B.K. Entertainment.

The rest as they say is history ....

Video King, a growing company, is now among the world’s largest providers of electronic gaming systems, game designs, digital signage and bingo equipment.

Reaching a global market, Video King’s entertainment systems can be found aboard luxury cruise liners, throughout Indian Country and in thousands of charitable, commercial and military establishments around the world.

Independent and privately owned, Video King engineers both its own software and its own hardware. Video King also partners with other manufacturers in the electronic gaming industry to develop product it feels necessary for the benefit of our customers and emerging technology.

Here is to the future with a wave to our proud history. We value your feedback and appreciate for your interest!

Best O’ Luck! – Video King






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