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To showcase our products and services, we have posted a number of videos on
"The Video King Network," our YouTube Channel.

For your convenience, we've prepared is an index of all our videos posted on YouTube.
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We've also posted a few videos, with product information, here for you to scroll through.

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Automatic Prize Draw

Automatic Prize Draw

A Winning Feature!

Through OMNI™, our multi-functional Bingo Management System, Video King can store an “electronic” version of your raffle drum.

The operator decides how people qualify, then during each POS sale, the system automatically records the players’ “tickets” or chances in the draw and prints their entry numbers at the bottom of their receipt.

If you use a player’s club loyalty program, the players don’t even have to keep this receipt – the system will remember who each chance belongs to!

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QuickShot Game Themes

QuickShot Game Themes
From Bowling, Wizards & Treasures

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Video King Product Overview 2017

See Everything Video King
Has To Offer!

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FlashPoint™ Bingo Display

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Small-Scale Budgets Afforded Large-Scale Displays!

FlashPoint Bingo Display
‘Projected’ Onto PCs, TVs

Want to up your Bingo game, but can’t afford, nor need the deluxe equipment typically found in those larger halls? Video King has a simple solution for all those senior centers, fraternal organizations and smaller-scale venues, which in comparison, costs virtually nothing at all ... The Flashpoint Bingo Display!

Combining gaming ingenuity with our computer know-how, Video King has developed software, which can display a 75-number Bingo board onto a touch-screen PC.

But That’s Not All ...

For an even bigger bang for your buck, the computer also has a HDMI  and VGA output, which means the same Bingo board image can be displayed onto one or more large-screen TVs.

And, it makes no difference whether you use Bingo cards, a roll cage or random number generator to “call” the balls. Once a number is called, simply touch the number displayed on the computer-generated Bingo board. As soon as the number is touched or “daubed,” it will zoom large – for a programmable number of seconds – onto the computer, as well as any TV, before returning back to the full-screen (16:9 widescreen) Bingo board in your hall.

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El Dorado PL™ - Hands-Free Bingo Console

The El Dorado PL™
New Hands-Free Console

Faster, More Compact, Lower Priced!

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MagicBack DeSigns™

Create Desk Decals, Posters & Banners!
Use Graphics, You Can Fully Customize Design Online,
To Promote Your Hall, Charity, Business &/Or Event!

Laminated Surface Doubles As Dry-Erase Board!
Discounts Apply When You Order 3 Or More!

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Call Cindy Martin at (800) 635-9912 or e-mail cmartin@vkge.com to learn more!

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Bingo Racing 2 Videos

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Click Here To View Video 2 of 2

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Bar-Coded Paper Demo I Please note: Video King® is working with Arrow International®, "World's Largest Manufacturer of Charitable and Social Gaming Solutions," on adding additional perms that will be able to operate with the system.

Bar-Coded Paper Demo I

Your job too cumbersome at times, busy with tasks – like paper inventory – requiring tedious, manual entry.
Well break open the bottle. Your wish has been granted …

Video King’s about to make your life much easier. No, there’s no genie, but with a wave of a wand – or scanner for that manner – what has taken countless hours, could take hardly no time at all.

In a cooperative effort by Arrow International and Video King, Arrow’s bar-coded paper products can be used within OMNI, Video King’s multi-functional Bingo hall management system, as of Sept. 1, 2015.

Leaving nothing to chance, this highly desirable, new development records everything for you, tracking your paper inventory’s every move.

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