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Hello, Here is an alphabetized list of Video King's product posters.
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All Niter™
14 x 26 inches

CHAMP-e™ Tablet/BowlaNanza
  16x20 inches

CHAMP-e™ Tablet/Dog
  16x20 inches

Bing O’ Lucky™ QuickShot
  20 x 30 inches

BowlaNanza™ QuickShot
 18x24 inches

Champion II™: (Bingo Screen)
   20 x 30 inches

Champion II™: (QuickShot Bonanza Screen)
  20 x 30 inches

Crazy Quarters™: A Most Revolutionary Game
  18 x 24 inches

Lil' Champ™: Best Of Breed
  20 x 30 inches

Mermaid’s Quest™: A Bounty O’ Fun!
  16 x 20 inches

MoonShot QuickShot™: An Astronomical Blast!
  20 x 30 inches

Potion Commotion™: Bingo In An Entirely Different Realm!
  16 x 20 inches

QuickShot Bonanza: Best Games Under The Sun!
  24 x 36 inches

•  SuperChamp™: Unbeatable Fun!
  20 x 30 inches

TAB-e™: (QuickShot Screen)
  20 x 30 inches

TAB-e™: (Bingo Screen)
  20 x 30 inches

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