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VeriPowerPlay Press Release

Part No: 192476-B

Portable Bingo System

No Desks Or Flashboards Needed!

Want to mobilize your game ... Video King’s new VeriPowerPlay gives you the power to play Bingo virtually anywhere. Not only is this portable, all-in-one Bingo system easy to transport, but cost-effective, bypassing the need for heavy equipment, such as blowers and flashboards.

In fact, it’s the ideal solution for smaller venues, such as senior centers, RV parks, churches, condo associations, bars, community centers, TV and radio Bingo, as well as aboard cruise ships. 

The VeriPowerPlay is essentially Video King’s PowerPlay™ software on a laptop computer. In other words, our PowerPlay Bingo desk without the balls.

The laptop verifier, with optional random number generator, is able to verify most known paper perms. (But please check your jurisdiction regarding RNG.)

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BowlaNanza: King Pin Of Games!

Bound To ‘Bowl’ You Over …

BowlaNanza King Pin Of Bingo Games!

It has romance, rivalry and, of course, Bingo. And it all begins in a bowling alley as Bingo players slip into an all-new realm through their gaming devices in one of Video King’s most innovative spins yet in Class II gaming.

BowlaNanza,™ Video King’s newest animated caper, spans the world of Bingo and Bowling, as players rack up points, taking the traditional QuickShot game to a whole new “lane” in game design.

The King Pin of Bingo games, BowlaNanza features a storyline, cast amongst a group of up-and-coming bowlers, villainous characters, rolling balls and tumbling pins – all spliced between free cards and highly inventive bonus rounds – sure to strike a chord among players.

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Freedom Play™ Wireless Flashboard The Freedom Play
Wireless Flashboard
Coming Soon ...

5-Color Flashboard Theme, Shown Above, 1 Of 7 Offered!

Dynamic. High-Def Graphics & Animation, All In Vivid Color!

Free Of Cables, Other Limitations!

Let freedom reign as Video King unveils the Freedom Play,™ our new wireless flashboard, using state-of-the-art, gaming technology.

A dazzling display – set in vivid colors with dynamic animations – the wireless flashboard frees you up from cabling, hardware components, maintenance, equipment costs and other limitations.

In addition, you’ll have the luxury of showcasing your own advertisements and multi-media presentations, customizable game display options, higher-resolution graphics –featuring “Champ,” our canine mascot – and other visual elements, upping the excitement and enhancing your hall’s entire entertainment value.

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Director Technical Service & Support
Adams: A Man Of Diverse Talents, Varied Interests

Dinosaurs To Technological Advancements
Past, Present, Future Rock His World

He grew up in rural North Carolina on a tobacco farm in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains. He can trace his Scottish-English-Irish ancestors back to the 1600s, as they journeyed to North America, then a brave, new world.

One of his grandfathers, a whaler, was an original deed holder of Nantucket, now a historic seaport off the coast of Massachusetts. Another forefather fought alongside Gen. George Washington in 1777, against British forces during this nation’s Revolutionary War.

At age 17, he wondered what he could do to “get off the farm.” His family had a history of serving in the military. His father, a marine and POW, was severely wounded during the Korean War. Instead, he joined the U.S. Air Force.

“I was always interested in space and flying,” said Tim Adams, Video King’s Director of Technical Service & Support.  “When I was young, there had been no one in space. I would lay out in the field at night and listen as Sputnik, (a Soviet satellite that inaugurated the Space Age) broadcast its signal over the radio as it crossed the night sky.”

He’d also watch in fascination, as trucks would haul large pieces of aircraft enroute to Langley, Va., home to CIA headquarters, in a state near by.

Trained in aircraft rescue he became a member of a para-rescue unit, he had full intentions of pursuing a military career. But instead of serving his country, he was called for duty – in his eyes – closer to home. In 1974, he donated a kidney to his brother, the second ever live transplant of its kind performed, at Baptist Hospital in Winston Salem, N.C., a deed he never regretted, but ultimately curtailing his career.

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Two Ball Bingo A Jackpot!
Odds Are In Everyone's Favor ...

Two Ball Bingo Jackpot
Ideal For Any Size Hall!

What’s better than two birds in a bush … Try “Two Ball Bingo Jackpot,” Video King’s latest progressive, pull-tab game, designed for halls, both large and small.

You probably heard the saying,  “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush,” meaning it’s best to take advantage of the surer thing.

Well, we can certainly bet “Two Balls,” designed by Jeff McIntosh, general manager of Bingo Video King, our Florida division, will be a big hit.

See, McIntosh knows a thing or two about Bingo, the gaming industry and its most popular games. Fact, he’s invented many of them, such as the “Main Event” and “All Niter,” his more recent pull-tab progressives.

Concept Quite Simple!

“I really wanted to create a short count game, that could generate a really good-sized jackpot, making it exciting for all-sized Bingo halls.”

Here, according to McIntosh, is how the game is played.

“There are five deals available, one for each letter of Bingo. The hall can sell one deal or all five. It’s a small ticket count, 105 tickets in each deal. So, virtually, even the smallest halls will be able to play and build the progressives,” he said.

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VK Launches Laser-Printed Merchandise

Custom Bingo Bags & Cushions!
Video King Launches Line Of Laser-Printed Merchandise

What’s your bag … Rather where’d you get that bag? Same goes for those cushions, mugs, key chains and other Bingo items, you’ve been toting.

That will soon be heard throughout Florida and beyond as Bingo Video King launches its new line of merchandise, geared toward Bingo players.

Why? Not only are these bags and cushions superior quality, but offer a vast variety of fabrics and styles. They range from stars and stripes to animal prints, cats, dog paws, bones and skulls, floral patterns, and of course, Bingo cards and balls, according to Cindy Warfield, manager of BVK’s Tampa location.

That’s because Bingo Video King, a division of Video King, has partnered with a new vendor, which uses laser technology to print their fabrics.

“Sales have really jumped because of it,” said Warfield. “It’s a whole different technology. It’s really bright and colorful.”

And, to make them even more unique, the bags and cushions are all customizable, according to Jeff McIntosh, general manager of BVK’s Fort Lauderdale location.

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Be A VIP Card Carrier!
Be A Card-Carrying Member ...

Name Tags, Badges & More!

Jeff McIntosh, general manager of Bingo Video King, our Florida division, has quite the loyal following. Just ask his card-carrying members. McIntosh has printed countless laminated VIP Cards for players clubs, name tags and badges for various businesses and organizations.

Simply provide your own artwork in a high-quality, jpg image. For tracking, bar-coding can be applied to the back of the card. To learn more, call (800) 786-2464 or e-mail jmcintosh@vkge.com.

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