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Happy Valley Royal Retreat

Like Video King, Happy Valley Casino in the Kingdom of eSwatini strives to give their guests the royal treatment.

Happy Valley ‘Royal’ Retreat

Casino Transports Console To Africa

The Kingdom of eSwatini, also known as Swaziland, officially welcomes their guests, as their slogan suggests, with “A Royal Experience.” It is one of the few remaining African monarchies – endowed with a rich, cultural heritage all their own.

So it seemed only fitting this nation’s Happy Valley Casino requested a bingo console from Video King, which also strives to give our customers the royal treatment – in terms of craftsmanship and service.

How did this casino, located many continents, oceans and seas away, near the southern tip of Africa happen to hear about Video King, headquartered in the central U.S. So happens, the director of Happy Valley Casino, known as “The Vegas of Swaziland,” travelled to the neon lights of Vegas.

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Veteran Fights For Charities

Where there’s a will there’s a way. That could also apply to Will Martin, a veteran, who now fights through advocacy to protect and preserve charities, who depend on bingo funding in the state of Texas.

Veteran Fights For Charities

Advocacy His Strongest Defense

A soldier to the core. That’s how one could describe Will Martin. And he’s mad. Fighting mad. A decorated veteran, since retired, he’s tempered his anger. All he wants to do now is level the playing field, make it a fair fight, not in a war zone, but the gambling landscape, which rakes in billions of dollars for the state of Texas.

His cause, charitable bingo. His M.O. lobbying efforts – aimed to protect and preserve charities, which in turn, enrich the lives of countless others. Martin serves as co-executive director of Conservative Texans For Charitable Bingo, a nonprofit group of Texas charities and supporters forged to help fund local charities through the game of bingo, as regulated by the state.

“More than 900 charities across Texas raise money   for children, veterans, education, fine arts, special needs citizens and more,” according to Angela Hale, who also serves as co-executive director. “Total charitable proceeds for the people of Texas now exceed more than $1 billion dollars,” she said.

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Bingo Funds Fuel World Champs

Vanguard Music and Performing Arts, funded by Vanguard Bingo, is regarded as one of the best in the nation.

Video King Plays Major Role
Bingo Funds Fuel Vanguard World Champs

In an industrial area, one bingo hall, outfitted with Video King gaming equipment, is making big noise. On at least one note. The nonprofit it funds, Vanguard Music and Performing Arts, is regarded as one of the top performing youth arts organizations in the nation.

Just how good are they?      
Drum Roll Please ...

The Santa Clara Vanguard, the program’s flagship, has won seven Drum Corps International World Class Championships, the most recent in 2018.

While the Vanguard Cadets have claimed six DCI Championships in the Open Class Division. That takes a lot of practice, skill, determination, as well as ball calls, backed by a synchronized formation of dedicated staff, parents, friends and other family members, who act as volunteers.

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Evolution: Best of Bingo & Casino Gaming!

Fairy Tale or Reality ...

Evolution Best Of Bingo & Casino Gaming

Once upon a time in a land far, far away there was a company that rented our electronic bingo, card-minding devices. These devices helped bingo players to manage more bingo cards than they otherwise could physically play.

Over the years the company developed many models of this device, smaller, faster, more bells and whistles and continued to deploy units throughout the United States, Canada, the military – anywhere where bingo was played.

As the years went by, bingo players looked for other forms of entertainment and turned to casino gaming, mainly slot machines. 

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FreedomPlay All 'On' Board!

FreedomPlay wireless flashboard uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver a host of exciting features, designed to captivate and entertain bingo crowds.

High-Tech, Customizable, Wireless Display!
All ‘On’ Board FreedomPlay

Some take “that dog” as a good sign or lucky charm. Others, just for fun, claim he’s been up to some tricks, especially when things go astray. Course we’re taking about “Champ,” Video King’s canine mascot, who pops up randomly on the screen – all part of novel animation, featured in Freedom Play,™ the company’s new wireless flashboard.

Touted as the next generation of digital boards, FreedomPlay, equipped with state-of-the-art gaming technology, offers a host of exciting features, designed to captivate the crowd. Not only does FreedomPlay – with its color-rich, dynamic display – rid the need for excess wiring, labor,
nance and other costs, but the sky’s the limit, freeing customers of many other constraints.

“You can display the game on as many screens – at any size – you’d like,” according to Peggy Hansen, Video King’s Bingo Hall Equipment Manager.

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VeriPowerPlay Press Release

Part No: 192476-B

Portable Bingo System

No Desks Or Flashboards Needed!

Want to mobilize your game ... Video King’s new VeriPowerPlay gives you the power to play Bingo virtually anywhere. Not only is this portable, all-in-one Bingo system easy to transport, but cost-effective, bypassing the need for heavy equipment, such as blowers and flashboards.

In fact, it’s the ideal solution for smaller venues, such as senior centers, RV parks, churches, condo associations, bars, community centers, TV and radio Bingo, as well as aboard cruise ships. 

The VeriPowerPlay is essentially Video King’s PowerPlay™ software on a laptop computer. In other words, our PowerPlay Bingo desk without the balls.

The laptop verifier, with optional random number generator, is able to verify most known paper perms. (But please check your jurisdiction regarding RNG.)

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BowlaNanza: King Pin Of Games!

Bound To ‘Bowl’ You Over …

BowlaNanza King Pin Of Bingo Games!

It has romance, rivalry and, of course, Bingo. And it all begins in a bowling alley as Bingo players slip into an all-new realm through their gaming devices in one of Video King’s most innovative spins yet in Class II gaming.

BowlaNanza,™ Video King’s newest animated caper, spans the world of Bingo and Bowling, as players rack up points, taking the traditional QuickShot game to a whole new “lane” in game design.

The King Pin of Bingo games, BowlaNanza features a storyline, cast amongst a group of up-and-coming bowlers, villainous characters, rolling balls and tumbling pins – all spliced between free cards and highly inventive bonus rounds – sure to strike a chord among players.

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Freedom Play™ Wireless Flashboard Freedom Play
Wireless Flashboard

5-Color Flashboard Theme, Shown Above, 1 Of 7 Offered!

Dynamic. High-Def Graphics & Animation, All In Vivid Color!

Free Of Cables, Other Limitations!

Let freedom reign as Video King unveils the Freedom Play,™ our new wireless flashboard, using state-of-the-art, gaming technology.

A dazzling display – set in vivid colors with dynamic animations – the wireless flashboard frees you up from cabling, hardware components, maintenance, equipment costs and other limitations.

In addition, you’ll have the luxury of showcasing your own advertisements and multi-media presentations, customizable game display options, higher-resolution graphics –featuring “Champ,” our canine mascot – and other visual elements, upping the excitement and enhancing your hall’s entire entertainment value.

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