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Best Bingo Buddy Winners!

Congratulations Winners!

Second-place winner, Gloria Tourangeau (above) is clearly loved by many, including her grandson, Nathan, whom she has cared for, for a number of years. Tourangeau, nearly 90, was nominated by her friend, Vickie Tewell for her great sense of compassion, wisdom and love of life.

Thank you everyone who participated in our contest. The winners were selected, based on written submissions as to why a person merited the title: Best Bingo Buddy!

We received hundreds of heartfelt entries. It's good to know there are some many great people out there. One thing we determined, a solid friendship, often forged through Bingo, is as good as gold.

The contest, sponsored by Video King and John Ascuaga's Nugget in Reno, Nev., included multiple prizes, including cash give-aways and an all-expense paid vacation to the Nugget.

To read about the winners and samples of the entries, please turn to Page 2 of the Spring 2011 Issue of VKN: The Video King Network, our company newsletter, posted in the Media Center of our Web site.

For your convenience, here is the direct link for flash version of our newsletter, with several interactive features:

Or if you prefer, click on the following linke for a downloadable pdf:

Again, Congratulations Winners!

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Sisters Bound For Vegas!

Never again will Carman Reeder (right) utter the words ... “Why bother, I never win anything any way.” But a split second of hesitation paid off, big time or “for real,” as she would later say. Reeder, 46, Of Cleveland, Ohio, is the latest winner in Video King’s contest drawing – a trip-for-two to Vegas, a world of wonder for someone who’s never been on a plane, let alone away on vacation, save a trip to Philly once, three hours away.

Hurrying into a bingo hall, filling out an entry form was the last thing this single mother of two-grown children wanted to do. A tough sell, Reeder didn’t even respond to Video King’s repeated phone messages, announcing the “exciting news.”

To be fair, she could probably use a little down time from the phone. A telemarketer, Reeder works from her home about six days a week. Accompanying her will be her sister, Ernestine Farris (left). Excited for their adventure, Reeder hopes to come home with a big win as well as new man. She’s not greedy. “I only need one good one,” she jokingly said. But, she does have one pressing question.

“Do they play bingo in Vegas? We love the casinos, but that’s what we’ll be looking for ...”

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2007 Vegas Contest Winner Announced!

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Contest Winner Vegas Bound! Let “Freedom” Reign. At least for a few days anyway ...

As winner of our latest contest drawing, Video King plans on giving Freedom Cates the royal treatment. Her prize package includes a free trip-for-two to Las Vegas.

And, yes, Freedom is the winner’s real name. Born and raised in Muskogee, Oklahoma, this 23-year-old is the by-product of a “gentler” age.

“My parents were hippies,” she said, explaining her attention-getting moniker. “(People) always ask, ‘Is that your real name?’ or “Where you born in the Fourth of July?’”

Fact is her American heritage trumps birth of our great nation. Cates is also Native American.
“Both my parents came from North Carolina. My grandfather is full-blooded Shoshoni. My father is half,” she said.

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Foxwoods Resort Casino Winner Announced!

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Video King Brings Women Luck! These days, people often think if it sounds too good, it can't be true. Well, Video King, for one, has already bunked that theory. Just ask Kathy Ahrens, bingo hall manager for Terrible's Casinos in Pahrump, Nev.

Ahrens, 66, has just won a free trip-for-two to Foxwoods Resort Casino, the world's largest gaming oasis of its kind, in a contest drawing sponsored by Video King.

And, to top it off, Peggy Pezzola of Pahrump, Ahrens' co-worker, was awarded $500 for being named her favorite bingo caller on the contest entry form.

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2006 Vegas Winner Announced!

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Cashdollar Wins Trip To Vegas
We have a winner! Actually two.
Both call Reynoldsburg, Ohio, home.

Joyce and Molly Cashdollar (yes, a true and rather lucky name) were recently selected in a random drawing for a free trip-for-two to Las Vegas, courtesy of Video King®.

Fortunately, both can legally enter the casinos. Although one just barely. And that’s a good thing, because one won’t think of traveling without the other.

You see, Molly is really only 4 years old. But if you multiply by 7, this black lab turned 21 – in people years that is – on her third birthday.

Joyce, who is visually impaired, received Molly as a guide dog from the Columbus, Ohio-based Lions Club Pilot Dogs.

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