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Here are a series of manuals and instructions on various products. Either scroll down or click on this Manual & Instruction Index,  alphabetized for your convenience.

To view just click on the arrow on the blue download tab at the right of each flier image. We displayed the front of each flier to help you readily identify the product you are interested in. We also created two versions of the fliers, where applicable.

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CHAMP-e™ Tablet Instructions Download download
Bingo Console Maintenance High-Res Flier

Front View Of 2-Page Flier
High Resolution File Size: 8 MB

Click Here To Download Flier

Download download
Bingo Console Maintenance Low-Res Flier

Front View Of 2-Page Flier
Low- Resolution File Size: 8 MB

Click Here To Download Flier

Download download
Video Switch Configuration Guide

Please click on the PDF to the right of the page to download the Video Switch Configuration Guide.
File Size: 4 MB

If you need further technical assistance on any of our products, please contact Video King's Help Desk
by calling our 24-hour assistance line, toll-free, at (888) 246-4609 or (204) 474-2454 or simply e-mail us at helpdesk@vkge.com.

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Download download
PowerPick-Em From Devices

Numbers for
Video King’s PowerPick-Em games can now be selected by players on their devices.

After purchasing credits at the POS, players can then use these credits to purchase PowerPick-Em cards.
This feature is available for the PowerTouch™, Champion II™ and TAB-edevices.

Click Here For Step-By-Step Illustrated Instructions

Click Here For Game Information & Screen Shots

Quick Picks Option
If a player would like randomly generated numbers, the familiar Quick Pick option is also available from the PowerPick-Em Number Selection Screen.

After selecting Quick Pick from the PowerPick-Em screen the player is presented with the Quick Pick Quantity Screen.

Sales Period Games
PowerPick-Em games can now be played as sales period games.

The PowerPick-Em number selection screen is displayed as soon as the sales period is opened to allow players to begin customizing their cards.

After the initial sales period timer is over, the Sales Ending warning timer is displayed.

PowerPick-Em games may allow session-based purchases; sales period-based purchases, or a combination of both.


PowerPick-Em cards purchased via Buy-In Bundles will not allow a player to select a unique PowerPick-Em card.

The cards delivered to the device will contain only Quick Pick numbers.

Player Favorites cannot be selected on devices.

The PowerPick-Em “Circle” card styles are not compatible with the Champion II and TAB-e devices.



Download download
LED Flashboard Upgrade Kit 1 MB

Download download
FlashPoint Set-Up 4 MB Download download
Bel Air™ Manual 16 MB Download download
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