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It’s No Secret …
Video King is among the largest providers of electronic gaming systems, Bingo hall equipment and game designs. But, did you know Video King has a wealth of specialty games – that can readily be loaded onto our line of gaming devices.

Adding Specialty Games to our electronic handsets and tablets means buying less paper, increases the fun factor for the players, and can greatly multiply your profits. Gaming devices include our Lil' Champ™ and SuperChamp™ handsets, our Champion II™, TAB-e and CHAMP-e™ (Android) tablets, and our PowerTouch™ fixed-base unit.

Here’s just a sampling and brief description of the specialty games Video King has to offer:

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Video King Product Overview 2017

See Everything Video King
Has To Offer!

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Be A VIP Card Carrier!
Be A Card-Carrying Member ...

Name Tags, Badges & More!

Jeff McIntosh, general manager of Bingo Video King, our Florida division, has quite the loyal following. Just ask his card-carrying members. McIntosh has printed countless laminated VIP Cards for players clubs, name tags and badges for various businesses and organizations.

Simply provide your own artwork in a high-quality, jpg image. For tracking, bar-coding can be applied to the back of the card. To learn more, call (800) 786-2464 or e-mail jmcintosh@vkge.com.

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VKN - The Video King Network: Fall 2017

Read All About It!
To download the Fall 2017 version of our newsletter,
"VKN: The Video King Network," click lon the pdf to the right of this page.

File Size: 3.5 MB

News Flash ...

Click on the link below to view a flash version of our company newsletter, complete with page turns, search function, print, download, viewing options and embedded links:

VKN: Fall 2017 Flash Version!

Ideas Welcomed!

If you have a story idea, comment or suggestion, please let us know. E-mail Carla Chance, newsletter editor, cchance@vkge.com or call (800) 635-9912 or (402) 951-2970.

Thanks for your interest!
Best O' Luck! Video King

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Automatic Play Draw Real Winner!

By John Mowat: "The Latest Development
Video King Project Manager

Automatic Play Draw -
A Winning New Feature!

It’s exciting for everyone at Video King when we get to release a major version of software with big new features – and our latest release is about as big as they get!

One new addition we hope will “draw” your attention is the Automatic Player Draw. A common sight in Bingo halls is the raffle or prize draw where players put a POS receipt or ticket into a drum, then an employee or volunteer mixes up the drum and pulls out a winner.

It’s a fun opportunity for players, but the downside is logistics: storage and cost of tickets or entry slips, the physical drum sitting out on the Bingo floor, writing player info on each ticket or requiring players to retain proof of entry, physically putting each ticket into the drum, and so on. So we’re taking the hassle away for the operator AND amping up the fun factor for the audience!

Fun Yes, Work No!
Now, our system can store an “electronic” version of your raffle drum. The operator decides how people qualify … then during each POS sale, the system automatically records the player’s “tickets” or chances in the draw and prints their entry numbers at the bottom of their receipt.

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Discounted Pricing ... Let's Make A Deal!

Bingo Video King, our Florida division, is deep into refurbishing used Bingo equipment, offering our customers quite the deal. In addition to a one-year warranty on parts and labor, Jobie Johnson, who salvages the equipment, ensures everything runs ship-shape, including programming the session upon installation, setup and testing of all Bingo-related equipment, such as hall monitors and flashboards, and hands-on training. To learn more, contact Cindy Warfield, cwarfield@vkge.com or (877) 746-6087.

Refurbished Items Ship-Shape

Bingo Equipment Salvaged

You know the saying, “Your ship has come in,” meaning good fortune and riches have arrived, finally reaching your shores. Well, the same can be said – in a sense – for Video King.

The good fortune actually hails from a Miami cruise ship, and its very “bounty,” lodged deep within its hull. But the real find is Jobie Johnson, a systems administrator, who works at Bingo Video King, our Florida division.

Here’s How This Story Unfolds ...

Stowed within steamer trunks were 18 of the ship’s old Bingo consoles. Video King PowerPlay™ 502PLs – to be more precise. But looking like they had been battered at sea, according to Cindy Warfield, manager of Bingo Video King’s Tampa location.                                   

“They were in such deplorable condition,” she said, upon first inspection. But as another saying goes, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure ...” After surveying the equipment, both could see “gold” within the tattered cargo and a potential market for it – lo and behold.

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Very Important Pig!

As his executive marketing director, “Poppy” is prone to squeal over the VIP line of cards, available through Jeff McIntosh at our Florida Division at jmcintosh@vkge.com. A real porker, “Poppy,” is prone to hog the spotlight a wee bit.

Self-Promotion Second Nature!

Marketing Director ‘Hogs’ Spotlight

For years, Jeff McIntosh has been printing “VIP” Cards, as an adjunct to his business. In other words, customized loyalty cards, the shape and size of credit cards, used to score points for various businesses. To much success, McIntosh, general manager of Bingo Video King Florida – a division of Video King – has printed countless of these laminated “Very Important Player” Cards, to help reward customers for their patronage.

Yet, lately, there’s been a bit of a kerfuffle ... in terms of staffing that is. Although she’s technically not one to “hog” the spotlight, “Poppy,” his new executive director of marketing, has had rather an “a cute” case, seemingly suffering from delusions of grandeur. But, it’s not entirely her fault. One could blame it on her upbringing – or rather genes. Certain traits do run strong among family members ...

You see Poppy, he said, is a pig – but in the truest sense of the word. A micro-mini pig – to be exact. So, coupled with her somewhat boorish behavior, it’s small wonder, pint-sized “Poppy” thinks VIP stands for “Very Important Pig” Cards, he said, clearly defending her best-bow-to-me behavior.

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Bar Bingo Makes Happy Hour Happier!

Bingo Can Help Raise The Bar ...

Make Your Happy Hour Even Merrier!

Columnist Peggy Hansen: Think Outside The Box
Regional Sales Manager/Video King

For some taking something old and making it new again is an art form. Who would think that could/would pertain to Bingo? In our series, “Think Outside The Box,” this column we will focus on Bar Bingo!  

Bar Bingo has taken the country by storm. You can find YouTube videos that will show you just how popular Bar Bingo has become, and how you can get all ages involved.

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