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GLI Approves PokerNanza Linked Version

Milestone In Video King History

GLI Approves PokerNanza's Linked Version

It’s a momentous occasion ... Video King is game, and trying its “hand” at something new …

“Video King is pleased to announce it has received approval from GLI for its linked and interactive, multi-site progressive version of PokerNanza,® a Class II Bingo game,” according to Phil Sherwood, the company’s Director, Class II Gaming. 

“This is a significant milestone in Video King’s history, as this is the company’s first server-based, Class II game offering. PokerNanza brings all of the excitement of a true Video Draw Poker game in the form of a Class II Bingo game, which will be played on mobile, handheld Android tablets, called the CHAMP-e,™” he said.

For more information or to arrange a web demo, please contact Sherwood at (800) 635-9912, Ext. 5851 or e-mail psherwood@vkge.com.

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El Dorado Hands-Free Console Best Pick!
Hands-Free Bingo Console Best Prospect!
El Dorado PL ‘Gold’ Standard

The El Dorado PL,™ a name that evokes tales of legendary riches, may be the best “pick” of any hands-free Bingo console around ... Just ask any Bingo operator, worth his weight in gold. Much like the miners of yore, Video King knows true value – when it comes to Bingo – and knows when it has struck gold.

An alternative to the Corona Integra II,™ Video King’s new El Dorado PL offers the same integrity of a hands-free system, but a more compact, high-speed console – all at a reduced price. Much like the precious metal, this ultra-modern console, designed with a plexiglass-encased ball chamber, would be a valuable asset to any Bingo venue.

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El Dorado PL Hands-Free Console

Front View Of 2-Page Flier

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El Dorado PL™ New Hands-Free Blower!

El Dorado PL™, with 16-color LED display.

Coming Soon ... Stay Tuned!

Hands-Free Unit, Faster, More Compact, Lower Priced

The El Dorado PL™
Console Raises Bar!

Legend has it, El Dorado, “The Golden One,” was a tribal chief, who had coated himself in gold dust, who had ruled over a country paved in gold, deep in the Amazon, during the 1500s. Over the course of time, the term, “El Dorado,” has been coined as a place of tremendous opportunity, abundance and wealth.
As Video King® introduces the El Dorado PL™, our newest hands-free bingo console, we hope you, too, experience this Midas Touch. And, our word – as evidenced by our high-caliber bingo equipment and electronic gaming systems – is gold. Meaning, as a market leader within the bingo industry for decades, if it says Video King – you can bank on it.

Unlike untold tales of this fabled treasure trove, sought by the early conquistadors, we’d like to give you just the facts.

Same Integrity As Corona™
An alternative to the Corona Integra II™, the El Dorado PL offers the same integrity of a hands-free system, but a more compact, high-speed console – at a reduced price.

As the stakes get higher and bingo prizes larger, game integrity becomes even more paramount, according to industry insiders. Both Video King’s hand-free systems feature an automatic ball recognition system, which ensures that the called balls are never touched.

Like the Corona, the El Dorado includes two separate units, an independent ball chamber and caller console. In addition, El Dorado’s glass-encased ball chamber can be mounted stationery or on wheels to facilitate storage when not in use.

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Try Your Hand At Something New!

Visit Video King in Booth 609 at the
Northwest Indian Gaming Conference & Expo June 19-21 at the Tulalip Resort in Marysville, Washington.

Video King® is among the world's largest providers of electronic gaming systems, game designs and bingo equipment. Reaching a global market, Video King's entertainment systems can be found aboard luxury cruise liners, throughout Indian Country and in thousands of charitable, commercial and military establishments around the world.

For further information, call (800) 635-9912 or e-mail us at

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Need Expert Advice?

       Video King Ideal Solution For Senior Centers, Smaller Bingo Venues

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FlashPoint™ Bingo Display

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Small-Scale Budgets Afforded Large-Scale Displays!

FlashPoint Bingo Display
‘Projected’ Onto PCs, TVs

Want to up your Bingo game, but can’t afford, nor need the deluxe equipment typically found in those larger halls? Video King has a simple solution for all those senior centers, fraternal organizations and smaller-scale venues, which in comparison, costs virtually nothing at all ... The Flashpoint Bingo Display!

Combining gaming ingenuity with our computer know-how, Video King has developed software, which can display a 75-number Bingo board onto a touch-screen PC.

But That’s Not All ...

For an even bigger bang for your buck, the computer also has a HDMI  and VGA output, which means the same Bingo board image can be displayed onto one or more large-screen TVs.

And, it makes no difference whether you use Bingo cards, a roll cage or random number generator to “call” the balls. Once a number is called, simply touch the number displayed on the computer-generated Bingo board. As soon as the number is touched or “daubed,” it will zoom large – for a programmable number of seconds – onto the computer, as well as any TV, before returning back to the full-screen (16:9 widescreen) Bingo board in your hall.

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OMNI™ Pull-Tabs

Sell On-Site, Remotely Via Internet Access

OMNI ‘Dispenses’ Pull-Tabs

You’ll like these odds – giving you even more chances to win. OMNI™, Video King’s multi-functional, MICs-compliant Bingo management system, can now “dispense” pull-tabs.

OMNI: The Total Solution – with its inherent pull-tab tracking module, can give you full control over ticket issues, returns, playbacks and payouts. Even track sales, winners, deal performance and more.

As an added bonus, all these functions can be performed on-site or remotely – via high-speed Internet access. Yep, you heard that right. The pull-tab module can be used at multiple locations within the facility and even be installed at off-site remote locations, which link back to a central inventory server, located inside your primary facility.

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