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Two Ball Bingo A Jackpot!
Odds Are In Everyone's Favor ...

Two Ball Bingo Jackpot
Ideal For Any Size Hall!

What’s better than two birds in a bush … Try “Two Ball Bingo Jackpot,” Video King’s latest progressive, pull-tab game, designed for halls, both large and small.

You probably heard the saying,  “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush,” meaning it’s best to take advantage of the surer thing.

Well, we can certainly bet “Two Balls,” designed by Jeff McIntosh, general manager of Bingo Video King, our Florida division, will be a big hit.

See, McIntosh knows a thing or two about Bingo, the gaming industry and its most popular games. Fact, he’s invented many of them, such as the “Main Event” and “All Niter,” his more recent pull-tab progressives.

Concept Quite Simple!

“I really wanted to create a short count game, that could generate a really good-sized jackpot, making it exciting for all-sized Bingo halls.”

Here, according to McIntosh, is how the game is played.

“There are five deals available, one for each letter of Bingo. The hall can sell one deal or all five. It’s a small ticket count, 105 tickets in each deal. So, virtually, even the smallest halls will be able to play and build the progressives,” he said.

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VK Launches Laser-Printed Merchandise

Custom Bingo Bags & Cushions!
Video King Launches Line Of Laser-Printed Merchandise

What’s your bag … Rather where’d you get that bag? Same goes for those cushions, mugs, key chains and other Bingo items, you’ve been toting.

That will soon be heard throughout Florida and beyond as Bingo Video King launches its new line of merchandise, geared toward Bingo players.

Why? Not only are these bags and cushions superior quality, but offer a vast variety of fabrics and styles. They range from stars and stripes to animal prints, cats, dog paws, bones and skulls, floral patterns, and of course, Bingo cards and balls, according to Cindy Warfield, manager of BVK’s Tampa location.

That’s because Bingo Video King, a division of Video King, has partnered with a new vendor, which uses laser technology to print their fabrics.

“Sales have really jumped because of it,” said Warfield. “It’s a whole different technology. It’s really bright and colorful.”

And, to make them even more unique, the bags and cushions are all customizable, according to Jeff McIntosh, general manager of BVK’s Fort Lauderdale location.

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PokerNanzaŽ - Try Your Hand At Something New!

Front View Of 2-Page Flier

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High Resolution: File Size 12MB

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To learn more, please contact Phil Sherwood, Director Of Class II Gaming Products, at (800) 635-9912, Ext. 6849 or psherwood@vkge.com.

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Video King Featured At NIGA

Video King Featured In Indian Gaming Magazine

Spotlight on New Game Technology

Video King is featured in Indian Gaming's March issue: "NIGA 2018: Spotlight on New Game Technology. Each year, the Indian Gaming Tradeshow and Convention showcases the latest innovations and technologies.

Video King, highlighted as a leading game manufacturer, will exhibit their latest products in Booth 531 at the show, held April 19-20 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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Display items will range from the El Dorado PL™, our faster, more compact and less expensive, hands-free Bingo console, to the CHAMP-e, our latest gaming tablet, with patent-pending wireless charge rack, the latest innovations in digital flashboards and PokerNanza®, a Class II Bingo game – putting a whole new spin on Video Poker.

•  •  •

Video King, established in 2005, is among the world’s largest providers of electronic gaming systems, game designs, digital signage and Bingo equipment.

Reaching a global market, Video King’s entertainment systems can be found aboard luxury cruise liners, throughout Indian Country and in thousands of charitable, commercial and military establishments around the world.

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Super Savings! Hot Deals Corona!

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Wanted Used Bingo Equipment!

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For more information, contact Peggy Hansen at
phansen@vkge.com or call (800) 635-9912.

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Free Passes To NIGA $325 Value

Visit Us At NIGA 2018
Free Passes: $325 Value!
Priority Code: EXH282 

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Visit Video King in Booth 531 at the National Indian Gaming Association Tradeshow & Convention April 17-20 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, 3150 Paradise Rd. Free passes to the exhibits - a $325 value - are available, courtesy of Video King.  Be sure to enter our drawing - as a thank you for stopping by!

Spanning The Globe! 

Video King® is among the world's largest providers of electronic gaming systems, game designs and Bingo equipment. Reaching a global market, Video King's entertainment systems can be found aboard luxury cruise liners, throughout Indian Country and in thousands of charitable, commercial and military establishments around the world.

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Specialty Games!

Max Fun Factor
Pump Up Profits!

It’s No Secret …
Video King is among the largest providers of electronic gaming systems, Bingo hall equipment and game designs. But, did you know Video King has a wealth of specialty games – that can readily be loaded onto our line of gaming devices.

Adding Specialty Games to our electronic handsets and tablets means buying less paper, increases the fun factor for the players, and can greatly multiply your profits. Gaming devices include our Lil' Champ™ and SuperChamp™ handsets, our Champion II™, TAB-e and CHAMP-e™ (Android) tablets, and our PowerTouch™ fixed-base unit.

Here’s just a sampling and brief description of the specialty games Video King has to offer:

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