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VeriPowerPlay Press Releasedownload VeriPowerPlay Press Release (161 kB)
VeriPowerPlay™ Low-Res Flierdownload VeriPowerPlay™ Low-Res Flier (740 kB)
VeriPowerPlay™ Hi-Res Flierdownload VeriPowerPlay™ Hi-Res Flier (9839 kB)

Part No: 192476-B

Portable Bingo System

No Desks Or Flashboards Needed!

Want to mobilize your game ... Video King’s new VeriPowerPlay gives you the power to play Bingo virtually anywhere. Not only is this portable, all-in-one Bingo system easy to transport, but cost-effective, bypassing the need for heavy equipment, such as blowers and flashboards.

In fact, it’s the ideal solution for smaller venues, such as senior centers, RV parks, churches, condo associations, bars, community centers, TV and radio Bingo, as well as aboard cruise ships. 

The VeriPowerPlay is essentially Video King’s PowerPlay™ software on a laptop computer. In other words, our PowerPlay Bingo desk without the balls.

The laptop verifier, with optional random number generator, is able to verify most known paper perms. (But please check your jurisdiction regarding RNG.)

It can also be used with a small, ball-draw cage or any other simple ball-draw method. Equipped with VGA and HDMI outputs, the verifier will run video flashboards. No other equipment is needed, other than a TV or projector screen.

It can also be played on a wired version of  Video King’s FreedomPlay™, a new generation of digital flashboards, featuring customizable layouts, high-def graphics, animation, scrolling messages and many other highlights – in a variety of themes. (Additional hardware required.) 

Once again, Video King – with this convenient-to-carry, laptop design – has broadened its scope and proven to be the go-to place for gaming, now offering Bingo-to-go.




Part No: 192476-B

WxDxH: (Front/Rear)     

  14.8 x10.4 x.82”

Weight: 5 lbs.

Battery Life: Up To 14 Hours

Windows: 10 Pro 64

Memory (RAM): 4GB

Screen Size: 15.6” Diagonal

1-Year Warranty

Call us at (800) 635-9912 or marketing@vkge.com to learn more!

Please Note: Gaming and gaming devices may or may not be approved in all jurisdictions. Please contact your sales representative to see what products are allowed within your marketplace.

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