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The Main Event™

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The Main Event™
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The Main Event™
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The Main Event™
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The Main Event™
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'Main Event' An Instant Hit!download 'Main Event' An Instant Hit! (164 kB)

Potential Prizes Are Tiered!

Progressive Pull-Tab Game
Wins The Crowds Over!

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The Main Event. It’s An Instant Hit!

No, we’re not talking boxing and blows. But, if you’re a champion of gaming, you’ll want to climb into this ring.

The Main Event is giving people a lot of bang for their buck, literally.

This event pull-tab game only costs $1, but has delivered walloping payouts, some as high as $45,000.

The concept was developed by Jeff McIntosh, general manager of Bingo Video King, headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, a division of Video King.

“It was designed specifically because Florida has limited payouts for bingo, whereas pull-tabs do not. As a result, we created a game where the payout could exceed $250,” he said.

Yet “tickets” to the Main Event have the look of a bingo card, complete with 24 numbers and free space, but feel of a pull-tab, made of heavier card stock.

A progressive game, its winning pattern is a blackout or coverall, where every square on the card is called.

However, it was designed to be extremely flexible, and the halls can determine their own rules and how to award the progressives.

“For instance, if players bingo in 55 numbers of less, they could win the progressive jackpot. In 56 numbers, they’d just win the dab bingo prize, ” he said.

And to give the game more punch, McIntosh added this exciting element…

Much like lightweight, welterweight and heavyweight in boxing, the potential prizes in The Main Event are tiered.

Here Is How It Works …

There are 210 tickets in each deal. All the tickets are color-coded, containing 10 percent red; 30 percent white and 60 percent blue.

Don’t worry, if you’re seeing red, that’s a good thing!

• If you win on a red, you claim the $150 prize.
• If you win on a white, you claim the $125 prize.
• If you win on a blue, you claim the $100 prize.

The $25 and $50 left over from the white and blue ticket sales are then pooled into progressive jackpot, he added.

But you don’t have to be hit over the head to tell this game’s a real winner. And, chances are you’ll be seeing dollar signs, instead of stars …

“Bingo players like to play for coveralls, and the progressive jackpots can grow to tens of thousands of dollars. With The Main Event, the halls draw people in, and there’s an opportunity for players to win a lot of money,” he said.

Want A Piece Of The Action …

You, too, can get tickets for The Main Event. The game, offered exclusively through Video King, can be customized to fit various jurisdictions.

For further information, please contact Jeff McIntosh, Toll-Free (800) 786-2464 or jmcintosh@vkge.com or Cindy Warfield, Manager of Video King’s Tampa Division, Toll-Free (877) 746-6087 or cwarfield@vkge.com.

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Please Note: The purchase and the sale of pull tab tickets are subject to the rules & regulations of each jurisdiction. Please contact a sales representative for further information: (800) 635-9912 or marketing@vkge.com.





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