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All Niter!™

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All Niter!™
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All Niter!™
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All Niter!™
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Best Not To ‘Sleep’ This One!

The 'All Niter'
New Progressive Bingo Game!

If you can stay up, and do it all night long, it’s usually a bonus. Especially in Bingo! More specifically an innovative new game, dreamed up by none other than Jeff McIntosh, General Manager of Bingo Video King, one of Video King’s Florida divisions.

Instead Of Sheep, He Must Be Counting Ways To Win ...

The “All Niter” is the latest progressive pull-tab ticket he’s developed that can be adapted to Bingo, in addition to other games.

As the name suggests, the game can be played along side regular Bingo, throughout the session – or all night long.

And, the concept is quite simple, meaning you won’t lose any sleep, trying to figure out how to play.

To begin the game, the hall chooses a bingo pattern, based on the number of sheets in a bingo pack. The pattern for the “All Niter” ticket is then announced before the session begins.

Say for instance, you are playing “5 Up,” which in bingo parlance means the regular bingo session will consist of five games, each played on a different color of bingo paper, sold as a pack.

In “5 Up,” the first game is typically played on the blue sheet of paper, its winning pattern determined by the hall.

If the first number called is B8, players would daub B8 on their blue sheet of paper from the pack, in addition to B8, and B8 only, on the “All Niter” ticket, he said.

After that game is completed, players would begin a new game on the next sheet of paper, typically orange.

Again, the first number called would be daubed on the “All Niter” ticket, as well as the regular session bingo paper. If the first number called has already been daubed on the “All Niter” ticket, they would daub the second number called and so forth.

Here's Where You Dream Of Getting Richer ...

“To win the progressive prize, players must get the pattern on the “All Niter” ticket during the regular session,” he said.

“If nobody wins after all the color sheets are done at the end of regular session, they play to completion, offering a consolidation or daub prize instead,” he added.

But rest assured, if you’re not getting the cards you want – in order to win it.

Not only does the game last “all night,” but you can buy more progressives, throughout the session, then daub what’s already been called.

So, if you want another chance of winning, you best not “sleep,” as they say in Bingo, or miss this one.

And here’s a wake-up call of sorts for other halls, wanting to offer new game options and attract bigger crowds.

Like his new “Main Event” game, the “All Niter,” can also be adapted to meet various jurisdictions.

For more information, please call Jeff McIntosh at (800) 786-2464 or jmcintosh@vkge.com or Cindy Warfield at (877) 746-6087 or cwarfield@vkge.com.

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Please Note: The purchase and the sale of pull tab tickets are subject to the rules & regulations of each jurisdiction. Please contact a sales representative for further information: (800) 635-9912 or marketing@vkge.com.

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