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OMNi TabMart™

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OMNi TabMart™
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Pull-Tab Purchase More ‘Convenient!’

TabMart ‘Opens’ Doors

Imagine you’re on your way home, it’s late and need to tank up your car as the needle veers toward empty. Lucky for you, you spot a service station, open 24/7. Hunger looms, your shelves are bare, and you decide to get a sandwich or six-pack of your favorite brew.

Perhaps you still feel lucky, but nowhere near a place to wager, have high-dollar dreams, and a bit of cash to burn. Well, here’s your chance to strike it rich – least at several SAVON Convenience Stores, operated by Turning Stone Casino in New York.

Just Like Buying A Lottery Ticket!
Making winning much more “convenient,” Video King is pleased to announce the advent of OMNI TabMart™, now available at the following stores: Canasotoa, Patrick Road, Oneida Lake and Verona.

These break-open pull-tabs are just one of the many continuous new features offered by OMNI™ – Video King’s multi-functional, bingo management system, customizable to suit any jurisdiction, type of venue or gaming destination.

It’s just like buying a lottery ticket at a gas station, according to Will Stewart, a regional sales manager for Video King. The difference is these convenience stores or remote locations are all networked back to a central server, located inside the casino. Basically, Video King provides the back-of-the-house system. Turning Stone the rest.

“The casino purchased the server, server monitor, hard drives and Win Server license from us, with a modest implementation fee. They supplied their own hardware and cash drawers or POS for each location,” he said.

Track Sales, Other Key Features!
Taking full advantage of OMNI’s Pull-Tab Module, they will be able to track sales, winner profitability and other reporting features, all while protecting the integrity of the game. The sales are tracked remotely, via high-speed Internet access, administered through their IT Department. In simpler terms, it’s just like tracking other types of inventory, such as paper, he said.

Pull-tabs are delivered to the casino (central server) and entered into the OMNI system.
Each gas station or convenience store is set up as an inventory location.
The casino transfers the inventory or pull-tabs in each site’s location.
Once the pull-tabs are delivered, the site supervisor issues them to the cashier. The cashiers then sell the inventory (pull-tabs) to the players, who frequent the store.
The cashier automatically records sales into a third-party existing POS or OMNI POS.
At the end of the shift, the supervisor then balances the cash drawer.

In essence, it’s a win-win for everyone across the board.
For customers, it will be just like buying a pull-tab from a Bingo hall, but with the convenience offered at one of the casino’s satellite stores.

For gaming venues, not only is it a great revenue generator, further increasing the property’s reach, but good-will dispenser, allowing them to award customers those valued loyalty points.

And, It's Easy To Implement
“Lots of casinos own their own gas stations,” Stewart said. “Since most cash registers are computerized, they can just add an OMNI Pull-Tab button, and set their own prices. Since it’s MICs-compliant, it’s already set up for tribal lands,” he added.

Here’s How It Works ...
 “Each could have stand-alone OMNIs at each location, but in this case, the gas stations are all connected to the same network as the casino. They already had this infrastructure in place. All the locations are networked back to the pull-tab server, which is separate from the bingo server.”

So, the next time you hit the road and need to fuel up, think about how convenient it would be to drive up and cash in that winning ticket. And, as word travels further and further, when you pick up that coffee and donut to go, odds are you could …

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