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OMNI™ Pull-Tabs

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OMNI™ Pull-Tabs
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OMNI™ Pull-Tabs
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Sell On-Site, Remotely Via Internet Access

OMNI ‘Dispenses’ Pull-Tabs

You’ll like these odds – giving you even more chances to win. OMNI™, Video King’s multi-functional, MICs-compliant Bingo management system, can now “dispense” pull-tabs.

OMNI: The Total Solution – with its inherent pull-tab tracking module, can give you full control over ticket issues, returns, playbacks and payouts. Even track sales, winners, deal performance and more.

As an added bonus, all these functions can be performed on-site or remotely – via high-speed Internet access. Yep, you heard that right. The pull-tab module can be used at multiple locations within the facility and even be installed at off-site remote locations, which link back to a central inventory server, located inside your primary facility.

Now That’s A Winning Ticket!

Pull-tab inventory can either be delivered to a central site then routed to the remote locations, or delivered directly to each remote location and entered into the OMNI system from there. As with all OMNI’s continuous new features, designed with end-user in mind, the modules are super simple to administer.

• For Payouts, simply bring winners back to the pull-tab paymaster’s workstation to receive their prizes.
For Playbacks, a lump sum of tickets can be entered at the same time to speed up a floor clerk’s operation.
OMNI will validate that the payout or playback is legitimate, or warn if people are trying to redeem more winners than are contained in the actual deal.
The Manage Deal function can generate real-time sales, awards and profit information for any serial in your hall – without running a report.
Doubling down on integrity, OMNI’s reporting can even track every transaction, which affected a deal – from stock-in to every issue & return, payout, playback, stock-out, voided pay-out and more. In addition, receipts can be printed for each of these actions.
You can bet, offering pull-tabs via OMNI – among the most popular forms of gambling – whether you’re at your favorite casino or fueling up ready to hit the road – is a great “deal!”

To learn more or arrange a demo, please call (800) 635-9912 or e-mail us at marketing@vkge.com.

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