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Desk Skins

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Desk Skins
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Fits Front Of PowerPlay 500™ Desks

New Custom Skins ‘Cover’ All Events!
Part No. 193030

What’s the skinny? A new type of desk skins to be precise. So precise, they fit across the front of Video King’s PowerPlay PL 500™ Series Bingo Consoles like a glove. As fashionable and functional, not only are they interchangeable, but easy to ship, store – simply folding into a loose roll – position and remove.

Lightweight and affordable, the customizable skins are made of durable vinyl, printed with high quality UV inks, and coated with a dry-erase surface.

The new skins are just another option for our customers to help promote their Bingo hall, charity, event or business, according to Paula Thomas, Video King’s customer service manager.       
They can be used for a variety of reasons, she said.

Just ask the folks at Gila River Gaming Enterprises, Inc., among our first customers to purchase the desk skins. (Gila River's Custom Skins, pictured here.)

“The Bingo halls at Gila River Casinos will look more festive in the near future,” said Taryn  E.S. Webster, Director of Casino Games. “The enterprise just purchased six desk skins, which are a new product from Video King that display colorful slogans, such as “Happy Holidays” and “Happy Mother’s Day.”

“Gaming officials say it is a great way to continue to promote the room and send out a welcome to what holiday is being celebrated,” she added.

To learn more, please call (800) 635-9912, Ext. 6808 or pthomas@vkge.com.

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