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PokerNanza® Kiosk

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PokerNanza® Kiosk
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PokerNanza® Kiosk
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PokerNanza® Kiosk Low-Res Flierdownload PokerNanza® Kiosk Low-Res Flier (250 kB)
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PokerNanza Kiosk
Try Your Hand At Something New!

, Video King’s newest Class II game, puts a whole new spin on Video Power. It has the touch, feel and prize probabilities of Video Poker, but it’s Bingo.

Skill-based, PokerNanza is a 2-player, standard-sequence, Bingo game, which solely determines the game-ending pattern. Along with Bingo prizes, players vie for interim prizes – including Video Poker and Progressives.

A virtual jackpot in terms of gaming, PokerNanza could be the largest jackpot offered in the venue, generating much larger payouts than traditional Video Poker.

Anteing up the fun, PokerNanza offers everyone’s favorites from “Jacks Or Better
® to “Deuces Wild® and “Double, Double Bonus®in 25 cents, 50 cents, $1 and $5 denominations.

In addition, Video King’s new Player Kiosk allows players to create PokerNanza game accounts, add cash to their account, and print a game receipt – eliminating their need for cashier stations, freeing up valuable, casino personnel time.

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