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Two Ball Bingo™

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Two Ball Bingo™
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Two Ball Bingo™
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Two Ball Bingo™
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Odds Are In Everyone's Favor ...

Two Ball Bingo Jackpot
Ideal For Any Size Hall!

What’s better than two birds in a bush … Try “Two Ball Bingo Jackpot,” Video King’s latest progressive, pull-tab game, designed for halls, both large and small.

You probably heard the saying,  “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush,” meaning it’s best to take advantage of the surer thing.

Well, we can certainly bet “Two Balls,” designed by Jeff McIntosh, general manager of Bingo Video King, our Florida division, will be a big hit.

See, McIntosh knows a thing or two about Bingo, the gaming industry and its most popular games. Fact, he’s invented many of them, such as the “Main Event” and “All Niter,” his more recent pull-tab progressives.

Concept Quite Simple!

“I really wanted to create a short count game, that could generate a really good-sized jackpot, making it exciting for all-sized Bingo halls.”

Here, according to McIntosh, is how the game is played.

“There are five deals available, one for each letter of Bingo. The hall can sell one deal or all five. It’s a small ticket count, 105 tickets in each deal. So, virtually, even the smallest halls will be able to play and build the progressives,” he said.

 For example, the B deal would contain 15 combinations of two Bs: B1 and B2, B1 and B3, B1 and B4, and so forth up to B15.

“If one deal is sold, say the B deal, as soon as two Bs are called there will be a winner. That player will win the $50 prize. When they open the seal on the flair, if the B number shown is the last number called, they win the progressive, which, in this case, would be $25,” he said.

If more than 1 deal is sold, the game plays the same, but there will still be only 1 winner

 “So, if the B deal is out, and the I deal is out, whatever two-number combo comes out first, wins the $50. The progressive, in this case, would not be $25. It would be $100, with $25 from the first deal and the total prize of $75 from the second deal,” he explained.

“If all five deals were sold, the prize would still be $50, and the progressive would be $325, $25 from the first deal, and $75x4 from the other total prize of the other deals,” he added.

And the odds, a little birdie told me – to borrow another common expression - are in everyone’s favor ….

“I believe there are two things that will drive the sales. First, there is a reasonable chance of the winning the progressive, 1 in 15. And second, once another deal is opened, the players who bought the first deal, will likely buy the second deal. They won’t want to chance the second deal wins and not have a ticket,” he said.

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To learn more, please contact Jeff at (954) 444-4046 or (954) 321-8300 or jmcintosh@vkge.com.

Please Note: The purchase and the sale of pull tab tickets are subject to the rules & regulations of each jurisdiction.

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