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4000™ Flashboard

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4000™ Flashboard
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Please Note: Although we are no longer selling brand new flashboards, we are refurbishing Video King flashboards, and are subject to availability.


The 4000™ Flashboard
(Part No. 124000FBL)

Also Available With LED Bulbs

Also available with LED light bulbs, call for pricing and availability: (800) 635-9912 or (402) 951-2970 or e-mail marketing@vkge.com.

Superior design and user-friendly operation distinguishes Video King’s affordable 4000 Flashboard from all the others. The modest 4000 Flashboard is designed for smaller to medium-sized facilities and features large, easy-to-read, 4” numbers.

In addition, it’s from Video King, and that assures you outstanding performance and reliability. The 4000 System enhances every phase of your operations, especially profits.


4000™ Specifications:

Size: 29” H x 98 1/2” L x 4 3/4” D.

Weight: 105 pounds.

Last number called flashes.

Large, easy-to-read, 4” numbers.

Cooler 28-volt bulbs for extra life without sacrificing brightness.

Sliding front panels – easy access for changing bulbs and no need to remove from the wall.

100 feet of light-weight cable included.

Wired as through-board. Extra boards may be daisy-chained.

Includes easy-mount wall brackets.

All-black, anodized aluminum extruded frame.

Available as a Bonanza Bingo™ flashboard with distinctive blue, high-contrast background.

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