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7000™ Flashboard

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7000™ Flashboard
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Please Note: Although we are no longer selling brand new flashboards, we are refurbishing Video King flashboards, and are subject to availability.

The 7000™ Flashboard

(Part No. 127000FBL)

Also Available In LED Bulbs

Also available with LED light bulbs, call for pricing and availability: (800) 635-9912 or (402) 951-2970 or e-mail marketing@vkge.com.

Modernistic design and user-friendly operation is what separates the 7000™ Flashboard from all the others. Video King’s elegant 7000 Flashboard is designed for facilities of all sizes.

The flashboard is also available in the Bonanza Bingo™ version (Model No. 127000BZFBL), an exclusive Video King game that is sweeping the nation.

In addition, it’s from Video King, and that assures you outstanding performance and reliability. The 7000 System enhances every phase of your operations, especially profits.


7000 Specifications:

Size: 29” H x 113” L x 4 3/4” D.’

Weight: 120 pounds.

Special sign on flashboard for greater visibility.

Pre-wired as through-boards – may be daisy-chained.

Last number called flashes.

Large, easy-to-read, 4” numbers.

Counter displays either game number or number of balls in play with large, 8” digital read-out numbers.

Game pattern display board.

Has own power supply and power switch – easy access to fuses.

Handy pull-chain can be reached from the floor.

100 feet of light-weight cable included.

Sturdy trouble-free connectors – eliminates pin problems.

Cooler, low-current, 28-volt bulbs give extra life without sacrificing brightness.

All-black, anodized aluminum extruded frame.

New sliding front panels – easy access for changing bulbs and no need to remove from the wall.

All flashboards come with 12-foot power cord that plugs into standard 115-volt outlet.

Includes easy-mount wall brackets.

Bingo flashes on the flashboards.

Available as Bingo Bonanza™ flashboard with distinctive blue, high-contrast background.


7000 Bonanza Bingo™ Flashboard
(Model No. 127000BZFBL)

Also available with LED light bulbs, call for pricing and availability: (800) 635-9912 or (402) 951-2970 or e-mail marketing@vkge.com.


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