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The Duke™ / 300 EL

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The Duke™ / 300 EL
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The Duke™ / 300 EL
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The Duke™ / 300 EL
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The Duke™download The Duke™ (192 kB)
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Ruffest Bingo Blower On Da Block!
A Knock-Out Deal!
Part No.

Com’ on ... Put up yer “Dukes!"

Make your hall a Champ! 'Course we're talking 'bout Video King’s most economical bingo console.

We 'Double Dog Dare' ya to find a better deal!

The Duke™ – our 300 EL, with its tough-to-top, low price – is the “ruffest,” most reliable bingo blower on the block!

When tagged with the 4000™ Flashboard, this winning combination delivers a knock-out performance with each and every call!

Now, that’s something ya can sink yer teeth into …

The “bare bones,” The Duke packs a powerful punch.
A contender in its own class, it’s modeled after the PowerPlay 500PL™ – with the same rich mahogany finish, durable shape and superior design.

In some arenas, there’s simply no need for all that fancy footwork.
Just plug in, power-up, push d’em buttons and play!

A favorite among charitable organizations and big-named halls, this outstanding underdog is something you can bank on “round after round.”

Simple to run. Press 1 of 4 buttons.
Easy access to bingo balls/components.
Flat surface offers better ball view.

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