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Bonanza Rewards Program

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Bonanza Rewards Program
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Bonanza Rewards Kiosk™ Flier (Low Res)download Bonanza Rewards Kiosk™ Flier (Low Res) (404 kB)
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Membership Have Its Rewards!
“You say it’s your birthday …”

Remember that old Beatles’ tune? Well now you have proof, yeah ... Better yet, chances are you’ll also win a prize …

Aging has its privileges – especially if you’re a member of Video King’s new Bonanza Rewards Program™.

Simply step up to the kiosk, swipe your Rewards card, and you’ll receive a printed receipt granting you your birthday treat. Free coffee or burgers and fries can be just some of the membership’s many perks.

First appearing at Canadian test sites, Video King’s new membership program has proven to be a “Bonanza” for hall managers and players alike.

The whole idea is to provide halls with the opportunity to set up attendance periods where they can reward their members attendance points.

The bonus for players – No purchase necessary!

The players are simply rewarded for attendance, allowing them to earn points, and win a variety of prizes. To keep prizes flowing and the momentum going, attendance periods and bingo sessions can be set up as separately.

For instance, a bingo session could be held from noon to 3 p.m. During that same session, the halls have the option of running multiple attendance periods. This can help halls increase attendance and sales of other games, such as pull-tabs, and concessions, during slower spells.

For example, halls could reward 100 points to encourage early-bird players from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m., then 50 points to players who swipe their cards from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

All prizes, point values and attendance periods, etc. are setup and configured by the hall manager for individual organizations – so they control how this system is managed.

The players can receive points for every attendance period, simply by swiping their cards. The program can be configured to award an instant door prize each session and/or maybe every fifth person a hot dog, every 10th person a beverage and so forth.

In addition, the points, which have no monetary value, can be collected and used to purchase raffle tickets where the halls define the prize, entry deadline and limit.

This is a huge opportunity for halls to learn when their customers are coming to the halls. Once the managers see these patterns, they can use the system to encourage increased time in the hall.

A stand-alone system, the Bonanza Rewards Program operates irrespectively from any other system, and it also has its own member database.

Currently, the system can generate following reports, in both sheet and receipt printer format:

Attendance By Player Summary – Listing all members and the attendance periods they swiped their cards.

Attendance Summary: Detail – Listing the attendance periods and all members who swiped during that attendance period.

Attendance Summary  Listing the attendance periods and a count of the number of members who swiped during that attendance period.

Door Prize Summary – Listing members and prizes won by attendance period.

As a safeguard, each receipt is also bar-coded and individually numbered, so there are no false reads or duplicates, she said.

If, by chance, a prize receipt is lost, it can be retrieved from the system.

Equipment requirements include a computer or stand-alone PC, touch-screen, receipt printer and card scanner.

Halls can purchase their own equipment and credit card type membership cards either from Video King or another vendor.

To assist halls in the presentation, Video King has prepared a library of free screen images, such as cups of coffee or other generic prizes or hall owners they can simply upload their own.

So, before it’s your birthday, it might be fun to pay a visit to the Bonanza Rewards Program kiosk – in a bingo hall nearest you.

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