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Generate New Revenue!
Use PowerPlay™ Equipment To Display Custom Powerpoints, Videos And Commercials

Calling All Bingo Managers, Owners And Operators!

Want to make a lot of money with little or no money down? Look no further. The answer lies within ...
you’ve been fortunate to invest in Video King’s line of PowerPlay™ consoles.

You, too, can capitalize on the latest trend in bingo hall management. The use of video projectors and big screen TVs to display advertising in your hall.

Like an untapped resource, Flashboard Advertising could be your “Mother Lode!”

All three Video King consoles, the PowerPlay Bel Air™, 700XL™ and 500PL™, offer multiple graphic outputs, including a configurable flashboard, to provide you with this money-making feature!

Flashboard Advertising Can Be Used To Enhance Your Business!

The PowerPlay software, with its multi-faceted capabilities, can be used to create in-house advertising to promote daily specials, up-coming events and jackpots on your progressive – in between sessions.

Just picture the possibilities! Place one hall monitor, running a list of daily specials, next to the concession line to capture customers’ interest. Or, go one step further and place a monitor near the cashier – advertising today’s jackpots to spark impulse buys.

To sell flashboard ads, use the PowerPlay’s software to pitch this promotional opportunity to area businesses.

Strike when the iron is hot! In other words, run the flashboard promos during intermissions or output on dedicated hall monitors, when and where you’ll have more consumer interest.

Treat your customers! Foster player loyalty through the promotion of other businesses. Incorporate video commercials with player tracking to announce birthdays and anniversaries and/or congratulate big-money winners!

Tremendous Advertising Potential, And Bingo To Boot!

The PowerPlay System can be used to display ball cameras, video flashboards, both cable and closed circuit TV and Video King’s HorsePower Racing™, Go-Go Ball Racing™ and other bingo-racing themed games.

Live in the moment! The output software is integrated with the PowerPlay’s software, providing on-screen video mapping in real time.

It’s your call! You can stage a full multi-media presentation. In addition to regular ball cameras, the video switch supports six inputs and three outputs for single-desk operations and four inputs and two outputs for dual-desk operations.

Wait there’s more … The virtual flashboard, pre-installed on all PowerPlay consoles, can be programmed to include the game’s pattern, the number of calls, the last number called, the prize value, as well as a ball camera image.

For “live” action shots, you can include a real time display of the ball camera, or substitute a simulated ball image. During bingo verification all video outputs can be used to display the verified card.

In dual-desk operation, the video flashboard is automatically displayed from the active desk, whether it’s Bonanza or regular. No A/B switch is required to switch between the desks.

With Flashboard Advertising, The Sky’s The Limit …

Even the smallest hall can benefit from the video capabilities built into Video King’s PowerPlay consoles!
Gone are the days of only the larger halls having all the glitz and the glamour.

Contact your Video King sales rep to see exactly how you can bring the future of bingo presentations to your bingo hall today!

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