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Go-Go Racing Tickets

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Go-Go Racing Tickets
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Go-Go Racing Tickets
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Go-Go Racing Tickets
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More Race Games Low-Res Flierdownload More Race Games Low-Res Flier (1357 kB)
Go-Go Ball Tickets (front)download Go-Go Ball Tickets (front) (1167 kB)
Go-Go Racing Tickets Backdownload Go-Go Racing Tickets Back (714 kB)

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Hurry. Hurry Don’t Delay ...

Get Go Go Balls Tickets Today!

Video King Awarded Patent For Bingo Racing Games!

Go Go Balls™, the newest release in the line of racing tickets from International Gamco® is finished and ready for immediate sale!

Go Go Balls, like Horse Race™ and Long Shot™, matches 15 competitors in a fun-filled, suspenseful, race-for-cash game.

Go Go Balls pays first-, second- and third-place money, resulting in more prizes paid, and no doubt happier players.
The Go Go Balls ticket is available in three varied payout structures, offering an option for every market: See boxes.

But Wait Racing Fans, There’s More ...

Add another level of excitement. Play the Go Go Balls ticket in conjunction with Video King’s Go-Go Ball racing animation, as part of the company’s new stable of games.

Watch the fun-to-follow graphics, as this oddball cast of characters – ranging from the gallant Sir Dab-A-Lot to Free Space, our rocket-fueled astronaut – propel their way down the track.

Rounding out the lot are Barnacle Bill, Angelica, Bingo Bambino, Meals on Wheels, Spring Chicken, Touchdown Tommy, Nero the Hero, Sammy the Spur, Buccaneer Bart, Four-Corner Thor, Video King, Builder Bob and, of course one – no one has to light a fire under – Sparky! … Hey where’s the fire?

For further information on Go Go Balls and other racing tickets, please contact:
Pete Svendgard at International Gamco at (800) 524-2626, Ext.132 or pete.svendgard@intlgamco.com.

For even more fun and games, view our entire line of bingo hall equipment and gaming products, posted on line.

Go-Go-Go! Get Your Race Tickets Today!

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