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Pick 'N Play

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Pick 'N Play
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Pick 'N Play
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Pick 'N Play
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Pick 'N Play™ Low-Res Flierdownload Pick 'N Play™ Low-Res Flier (977 kB)
Pick 'N Play™ Hi-Res Flierdownload Pick 'N Play™ Hi-Res Flier (14464 kB)

Bingo & Slots Rolled Into One!
Pick ’N Play Doubles Your Fun

A Winning Combo!

Revenues will continue to roll in with this innovative two-in-one system that delivers Bingo and casino games on a world-class slot machine!

A winning combo, Pick 'N Play™ has received one of the Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Products Awards, in a competition, sponsored by Casino Journal.

A panel of expert judges evaluated more than 80 entries from industry vendors showcasing their newest, most creative products and services to decide the annual awards.

Installed in Atronic’s Harmony Cabinet™, Pick ’N Play™ is the best of both worlds, allowing patrons to play a wide variety of slot games from Spielo®, while simultaneously playing traditional, session-based Bingo games.

Pick ’N Play integrates seamlessly with Video King’s PowerPlay™ caller’s desk and electronic Bingo system, giving players the flexibility to play Bingo on the slot machine, portable e-BINGO tablets or even paper.

Pick ’N Play offers one of the most advanced Bingo interfaces in the industry. With support for both cash and TITO, players can select the slot machine of their choice and easily join the Bingo session in progress.

Intuitive on-screen menus provide players with the flexibility of buying Bingo cards for each game individually or for the entire session at once.

Bingo ball calls appear on the player’s screens as soon as the caller enters each number.
A single touch of the Bingo “zoomball” on the player’s screen automatically dabs all of the player’s cards and displays the cards closest to Bingo.

When a player has Bingo, they are prompted to “Touch Screen And Shout B-I-N-G-O!”

Once the caller validates the winning card, Pick ’N Play awards prizes directly to the player’s slot balance. This direct payment to their slot machine also encourages player respend.

Pick ’N Play is equipped with the Video King reporting features you know and trust – automatically recording all the bingo outcomes at the end of each game and the end of each session.

But that’s not all …

Players can “split the screen” to double their fun and play one of the many exciting games available from Spielo’s extensive library, while keeping up with the live Bingo game in progress.

The split-screen display provides players with all the essential Bingo information, including a display of the best card and called balls. They can play Bingo and slot games at the same time – on the same screen!

The system provides full reporting accountability, including total revenues per device with separate totals for both Bingo and casino games.

Pick ’N Play will generate the revenue per square foot you are accustomed to from a casino slot machine – with the added benefit of additional revenues from the bingo play.

While not in use for Bingo, The Harmony is a world-class slot machine that continues to generate revenue from the exciting titles, available from Spielo’s award-winning slot games library.

Ease of use, live Bingo excitement, fast-paced slot action – with all the reporting and tracking required by the MICS. Need we say more …

Take your Bingo game to the next level, and create a player experience like no other. Pick ’N Play, the ultimate combination of slot and bingo experiences!

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For further information, please call (800) 635-9912 or e-mail us at marketing@vkge.com.

Please Note: Gaming and gaming devices may or may not be approved in all jurisdictions. Please contact your sales representative to see what products are allowed within your marketplace.

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