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Champion II™

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Champion II™
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Champion II™
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Champion II™
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Champion II™
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Champion II™
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Champion II™
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Champion II™
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Never Fear ..

Champion II Is Here!

Video King, known worldwide for its superior electronic handsets, has once again raised the bar in unbeatable product performance. In the gaming arena, this durable, yet light-weight gaming device, has no problem muscling out the competition!

The Champion II™ delivers a one-two punch with vivid colors that pop off its crystal-clear screen. Winning crowds over, this sleek design, with its two-way communications, lets players interact by simply touching the visuals on the screen!

A rock-solid performer, Video King's Champion II portable tablet also allows for simultaneous play of both bingo and a multitude of action-packed, credit-based games!

For Managers

Increase Profitability! Champion II supports Video King’s action-packed, credited-based games. Cash in on favorites such as Buy-On-The-Fly, PowerMutual™ and entire suite of Electronic Quickshot Bonanza Games!

Pump Up Player Spends! Patrons can buy cards at any time. Mid-session purchases can be done on the tablet. No hall staff required!

Eliminate Long Cashier Lines! Players can take any tablet, enter their account number and gain access to their purchases!

Championed By Callers! No more manual entry of verified cards. B-I-N-G-O claims are sent directly to the PowerPlay™ console. The caller simply verifies the B-I-N-G-O, and the system transmits the results back to every tablet in the hall!

For Players

Superior Design! Touch-Screen Technology! To begin play, simply press the large buttons on the screen. Easy-to-use features and navigation system include optional screen layout for left-handed players!

Pick Your Preference! Champion II offers a variety of card and flashboard layouts: One- and two-card B-I-N-G-O, for those who prefer bigger, bolder images, to four-card, six-card and incredibly sharp, twelve-card views – which all include a flashboard display!

Automated Daubing! Champion II, like its predecessors Lil’ Champ™ and SuperChamp™, has a variety of daubing modes, triggered by its radio frequency features. Balls are sent directly from the PowerPlay™ console to the tablet, where they are automatically daubed giving players more time to daub paper cards!

We Got Game! Champion II can play every game in the Video King gallery: Bonanza. Bonus Line. Double Action. Bingo Racing. Lucky Star. PowerPick-Em's, Multi-Part Games. Multi-Card Patterns!

System Features

Wi-Fi Communications

One-Touch, Catch-Up And Auto Daub

Auto Win Notification

Auto Prize Claim

Account-Based Credit Management

Auto Synchronization Of System Files

Remote Tablet Control

Extensive Perm Library

10.4-inch, 640x480 Color LCD Display With Resistive Touch-Screen Overlay


Graphic Features

80/20 Split Screen For Simultaneous "Extra Game" And Bingo Play

Multi-Lingual Support For English, French And Spanish

Player Selected Daubers

Animated Zoom Ball Session Bingo

Multiple Card Views With Integrated Flashboard (One, Two, Four, Six And Twelve Cards)

Session Bingo

Multi-Part Games/Multi-Card Patterns

Double Action

Bonus Line

Lucky Star

HorsePower Racing™

Go-Go Ball Racing™


Speciality Games

• Crazy Quarters

24-Number Bonanza QuickShot:

• Hurricane Bonanza™

• Buccaneer Bonanza™

• Nero’s Coliseum™

• Mayan Gold™

• K9 Cash™

• Quickshot McDraw™

• Moon Shot™

• Bing O' Lucky™

• Mermaid's Quest,™  with new animation, free cards & bonus rounds!

• Potion Commotion,™  with new animation, free cards & bonus rounds!


Please Note: Gaming and gaming devices may or may not be approved in all jurisdictions. Please contact your sales representative to see what products are allowed within your marketplace.

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