El Dorado PL™

A desk unlike any other with automated ball calling. A hands free blower and camera capture technology that will show a detailed display without having to lay a hand on a bingo ball. Coming soon.

Powered by innovation, and with the latest video presentation technology, these state-of-the art flashboards can be customized to display the game information you desire. Highly versatile, the video flashboards can be presented in any size – large or small – whether it’s onto big-screen TVs, regular video screens or even projected onto a wall. With a variety of optional elements, you can choose which video flashboard display works best for your hall.

Fun Features:
• 75 or 90 Lights
• A “Special” Light
• A “Bonanza” Light
• Pattern Display
• Font Style/Color Options
• Prize Value Display
• Ball Image Live or Simulated
• Last Number Called Feature
• Hall Name Feature
• Scrolling Marquee Feature
• Halls using two PowerPlay consoles can provide two unique hall graphics channels.

Please Note: Gaming and gaming devices may or may not be approved in all jurisdictions. Please contact your sales representative to see what products are allowed within your marketplace


Ball Chamber
• Dimensions: 31” W x 32” Lx 62” H
• Weight: 300 pounds

Caller Console
• Dimensions: 32” W x 46” Lx 31.5” H
• Weight: 300 pounds

Additional Information
• Two separate units, an independent ball chamber and caller console.
• Ball chamber can be mounted stationery or on wheels to facilitate storage when not in use.
• Remote caller console can be located adjacent to ball chamber or another location within hall.
• Equipped with optical character recognition, the El Dorado can display simulated ball image as well as live ball.
• Ball removal door facilitates quick inspection and cleaning – a major plus in terms of maintenance and care.
• Speed of Play
• Time to first ball call from blower startup: 10-20 seconds
• Time to first ball call from a previous game close: 10-20 seconds
• Fastest sustainable ball call rate: 1.5 second

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