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Ron's List Rules

Terms & Conditions

Ron's List Rules & Form

Ron's List RulesTerms & ConditionsRon's List Rules & Form

For a nominal fee, we will be more than happy to post your used equipment, typically found in a Bingo hall, within our online store.

Attention bargain hunters and would-be liquidators, this makes buying a breeze ...

If interested in purchasing any used equipment on our Web site, no need to add your selection to the shopping cart or proceed to check-out.

Simply contact the person or business listed in the full product description.

To learn more, please click on the grey "more" tab posted below.

Ron's List Rules and our Terms & Conditions, are also available in downloadable formats, at the right of this screen.

Happy Hunting!
Video King
As a service to our customers – particularly in these tough economic times – Video King will be more than happy to post your used equipment onto our Web site.

Please scroll down and click on the grey "More" tab arrow below to view Ron's Lists Rule. along with a link to download a listing form.
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Call For Quote

Please note certain electronic games and/or bingo devices may or may not be approved in all jurisdictions. Please check to see which products are allowed in your marketplace.

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