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Ron's List Rules

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Ron's List Rules

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Move Over ‘Craig!’
Ron’s List Wheels & Deals!
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More over “Craig,” there’s a new “kid” in town ... Video King has launched “Ron’s List,” a new department in our online store.

Need some tables and chairs ... how about a Bingo console or some flashboards, barstools, an industrial-strength Margarita machine, or a coffee maker or two. What’s that ... Can’t afford to buy them new ...

Or, perhaps the tides of fortune have changed, you’ve inherited a surplus, are ready to retire, or need to unload some equipment – in order to make a move ...

Well then, bargain hunters and wanna-be liquidators, check out “Ron’s List” at VideoKingNetwork.com, ’cause this one’s for you!

"Video King will be more than happy to post your used equipment on our Web site,” said Ron Hood, Video King’s Director of Manufacturing, who will also manage the store.

“For a nominal fee, we will post any and all equipment typically found,” he said, “in a Bingo hall or gaming venue.”

However, the rest is up to you ... Not that Ron will just prop up his feet, settle back and sip one of his famed Margaritas ... he has plenty to do.

If interested in posting your items, kindly abide by these  “Ron’s List” Rules:

All used items posted on Video King’s Web site are sold as-is.
All transactions, including price, method of payment, applicable taxes, collection, transfer of warranties and shipping, are between and the sole responsibility of the buyer and seller.
To post your items, Video King will charge a one-time, $30 fee for each listing. (Video King will determine what constitutes a listing for multiple or grouped items.)
In addition, Video King will charge a nominal commission fee, the amount determined on a case-by-case basis, agreed upon in advance and stated in writing by both parties.
Good-quality digital images may be included with each listing – at no additional charge. (Preferred format is jpg or tiff, high-image quality resolution.)
The items will be posted, until they are sold or asked to be removed by the seller.
Please note: For all used equipment sales, the $60 purchase minimum is not required.
It is the seller’s responsibility to notify Video King when an item is no longer available, by phone or e-mail.
Video King, its employees and/or affiliated businesses can not be held responsible for any damages that may incur as a result of third-party used equipment sales, their listings on our Web site, or technical problems beyond our control.
Video King reserves the right to terminate the site at any time or to refuse to post information, particularly for those who have not acted in good faith.
To send your information, please use the downloadable Used Equipment Form, posted within Video King’s online store, or we can send you the form.

Click To Download Used Equipment Form

The information can be e-mailed, mailed or faxed to Video King:
c/o Carla Chance
(800) 635-9912, Ext. 5851
FAX: (402) 951-2990.
1045 N. 115th St., Suite 200
Omaha, NE 68154

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Please note certain electronic games and/or bingo devices may or may not be approved in all jurisdictions. Please check to see which products are allowed in your marketplace.

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