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El Dorado PL™

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El Dorado PL™

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El Dorado PL, with programmable 16-color LED display.

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Hands-Free Unit, Faster, More Compact, Lower Priced

The El Dorado PL™
Console Raises Bar!

Legend has it, El Dorado, “The Golden One,” was a tribal chief, who had coated himself in gold dust, who had ruled over a country paved in gold, deep in the Amazon, during the 1500s. Over the course of time, the term, “El Dorado,” has been coined as a place of tremendous opportunity, abundance and wealth.
As Video King® introduces the El Dorado PL™, our newest hands-free bingo console, we hope you, too, experience this Midas Touch. And, our word – as evidenced by our high-caliber bingo equipment and electronic gaming systems – is gold. Meaning, as a market leader within the bingo industry for decades, if it says Video King – you can bank on it.

Unlike untold tales of this fabled treasure trove, sought by the early conquistadors, we’d like to give you just the facts.

Same Integrity As Corona™
An alternative to the Corona Integra II™, the El Dorado PL offers the same integrity of a hands-free system, but a more compact, high-speed console – at a reduced price.

As the stakes get higher and bingo prizes larger, game integrity becomes even more paramount, according to industry insiders. Both Video King’s hand-free systems feature an automatic ball recognition system, which ensures that the called balls are never touched.

Like the Corona, the El Dorado includes two separate units, an independent ball chamber and caller console. In addition, El Dorado’s glass-encased ball chamber can be mounted stationery or on wheels to facilitate storage when not in use.

Key Features
Providing more flexibility, both remote caller consoles can be located adjacent to ball chamber or another location within the hall.

That’s because the caller console communicates with the ball chamber via standard Ethernet, so there is no practical limit to the distance between the two, as long as the appropriate network wiring is in place, according to Video King’s team of engineers.

The El Dorado also features a ball removal door to facilitate quick inspection and cleaning, a major plus in terms of maintenance and care.

In addition, the new unit offers a programmable LED display, featuring up to 16 different colors, to visually enhance the game action as the balls spiral through the chamber during play.

Integrates With Other Components

Highly compatible, the El Dorado fully integrates with Video King’s PowerPlay software, as well as other gaming components, including both the TriplePlay™ Bingo Display and our more traditional flashboards systems.

Featuring a square base, its smaller ball chamber measures 31 inches wide x 32 inches long X 62 inches high, approximately 300 pounds.

Its accompanying caller stand measures 32 inches wide x 46 inches long X 31.5 inches high, weighing 300 pounds.

And, when time is money, the El Dorado is well-equipped to accommodate faster play. The hands-free unit uses an air-assisted ball return to minimize time between games.

El Dorado’s Speed Of Play

Time to first ball call from blower startup: 10-20 seconds
Time to first ball call from a previous game close: 10-20 seconds
 Fastest Sustainable ball call rate: 1 second

So, as you can see, Video King has once again raised the bar, setting the Gold Standard – affording innovative, high-quality gaming equipment to deal with the vast wealth of gaming needs. To learn more, please contact Video King at (800) 635-9912 or marketing@vkge.com.

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