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Free Passes To NIGA. $300 Value!

Free Passes $300 Value!

Visit Us At NIGA 2019
April 1-4, Booth 1221
San Diego Convention Center

Visit Video King in Booth 1221 at NIGA, April 1-4, at the San Diego Convention Center. Invention is the Name of the Game as we showcase our latest product line. 
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$300 Value * Code: EXH231

• This year's highlights include our Class II PowerPlay suite of games, playable on our CHAMP-e gaming tablets. They range from PokerNanza® - Video King's first server-based Class II game offering - putting a whole new spin on Video Poker - to 5-reel, 20-line slots, with a variety of themes.
The Freedom Play, our new, wireless flashboard, using state-of-the-art technology, with hi-def graphics, dynamic animation, customizable layouts, seven themes, flashing last number called and other novel features. Frees You Up from excess cabling, wiring, maintenance, equipment and other costs. Display game on as many screens - at any size, make, model or dimension on any HDTV, with HDMI port, standard for video transmission.

• A veritable showpiece, the El Dorado PL - with its ultra modern design - features all the integrity of a hands-free system, but with a more compact, high-speed console - all at a reduced price. The two-piece unit, equipped with an innovative, static prevention system and artificial neural network - the latest and greatest for ball recognition - gives unsurpassed speed and reliability, ensuring fast ball calls and fast ball returns at end of game.

BowlaNanza, "The King Pin Of Bingo Games," spans world of Bingo and Bowling, as players rack up points, taking the traditional QuickShot game to a whole new "lane" in game design. It has romance, rivalry and - of course - Bingo. And it all begins in a bowling alley as Bingo players slip into an all-new realm through their gaming devices in one of Video King's most innovative spins yet in Class II gaming.
The VeriPowerPlay- Ideal For Smaller Venues - gives you the power to play Bingo virtually anywhere. Not only is this portable, all-in-one Bingo system easy to transport, but cost-effective, bypassing the need for heavy equipment, such as blowers and flashboards. Equipped with VGA and HDMI outputs, the laptop verifier - with optional random number generator - will run video flashboards, is able to verify most known paper perms, and can be used with a small, ball-draw cage or any other simple ball-draw method.
Video King's Brand New "Bag." Our latest line of customizable merchandise, geared toward bingo players, will leave a lasting imprint. Not only are the cushions and accessories superior quality, but offer a variety of fabrics and styles to suite any taste, using laser technology for more vivid designs. Discounts for orders of 10 or more can be applied.
To learn more, please call (800) 635-9912 or e-mail us: marketing@vkge.com.

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Automatic Prize Draw

A Winning Feature!

Automatic Prize Draw

Through OMNI™, our multi-functional Bingo Management System, Video King can store an “electronic” version of your raffle drum.

The operator decides how people qualify, then during each POS sale, the system automatically records the players’ “tickets” or chances in the draw and prints their entry numbers at the bottom of their receipt.

If you use a player’s club loyalty program, the players don’t even have to keep this receipt – the system will remember who each chance belongs to!

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Part No: 192476-B

Portable Bingo System

No Desks Or Flashboards Needed!

Want to mobilize your game ... Video King’s new VeriPowerPlay gives you the power to play Bingo virtually anywhere. Not only is this portable, all-in-one Bingo system easy to transport, but cost-effective, bypassing the need for heavy equipment, such as blowers and flashboards.

In fact, it’s the ideal solution for smaller venues, such as senior centers, RV parks, churches, condo associations, bars, community centers, TV and radio Bingo, as well as aboard cruise ships. 

The VeriPowerPlay is essentially Video King’s PowerPlay™ software on a laptop computer. In other words, our PowerPlay Bingo desk without the balls.

The laptop verifier, with optional random number generator, is able to verify most known paper perms. (But please check your jurisdiction regarding RNG.)

It can also be used with a small, ball-draw cage or any other simple ball-draw method. Equipped with VGA and HDMI outputs, the verifier will run video flashboards. No other equipment is needed, other than a TV or projector screen.

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QuickShot Game Themes

QuickShot Game Themes
From Bowling, Wizards & Treasures

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VKN - The Video King Network: Fall 2018

Read All About It!
To download the Fall 2018 version of our newsletter,
"VKN: The Video King Network," click lon the pdf to the right of this page.

File Size: 5 MB

News Flash ...

Click on the link below to view a flash version of our company newsletter, complete with page turns, search function, print, download, viewing options and embedded links:

VKN Fall 2018 Flash Version

Ideas Welcome!

If you have a story idea, comment or suggestion, please let us know. E-mail Carla Chance, newsletter editor, cchance@vkge.com or call (800) 635-9912 or (402) 951-2970, Ext. 5851.

Thanks For Your interest!
Best O' Luck!
Video King

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Class II Video Slot Games!Coming Soon!
Neanderthal Nation™

Now Playable On Tablets!
Class II: 5 Reel, 20 Line Video Slot

Joining our lineup of Skill-Based, Class II Video Poker games – PokerNanza®, The Video King Gaming Network (VKGN) is offering Class II Video Slot Themes playable on the CHAMP-e, our portable, wireless gaming tablets.

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Freedom Play™ Wireless FlashboardThe Freedom Play
Customizable Wireless Flashboard

New Generation Of Digital Flashboards!

5-Color Flashboard Theme, Shown Above, 1 Of 7 Offered!

Dynamic. High-Def Graphics & Animation, All In Vivid Color!

Free Of Cables, Other Limitations!

Let freedom reign as Video King unveils the Freedom Play,™ our new wireless flashboard, using state-of-the-art, gaming technology.

A dazzling display – set in vivid colors with dynamic animations – the wireless flashboard frees you up from excess cabling, hardware components, maintenance, equipment costs and other limitations.

In addition, you’ll have the luxury of showcasing your own advertisements and multi-media presentations, customizable game display options, higher-resolution graphics –featuring “Champ,” our canine mascot – and other visual elements, upping the excitement and enhancing your hall’s entire entertainment value.

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Big Winner!

Largest Bingo Payout In
Western NY Won At Seneca!

Congratulations to Tara from Pennsylvania, who recently won $250,000 on the jackpot at the 36th Birthday Bingo Special at Seneca Gaming and Entertainment in Salamanca, N.Y., one of the many properties worldwide equipped with Video King’s gaming equipment.

Tara yelled “Bingo!” on the 48th ball called on the bingo jackpot, to be the winner of the biggest bingo jackpot paid out in Western New York – just one number shy from walking away with one million dollars.

Seneca Gaming and Entertainment Salamanca
celebrated their 36th birthday with a Million Dollar Bingo Special with Level 2 paying out $2,000 on 10 regular games and a jackpot that potentially could have made one lucky player a millionaire.

Even though the million-dollar jackpot wasn’t won, Tara, as well as the rest of the crowd inside the bingo hall was ecstatic to witness such an enormous win!

The Game Room also had hot seat drawings every hour from 10:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. to play plynko. Each hot seat winner had a chance to drop their plynko chips and win $3,600, totaling $36,000 in cash prizes.

The Salamanca Poker Room hosted a $3,600 Guaranteed Texas Hold’em tournament at noon that had over 45 players register and fight for the top spot for the guaranteed prize pool.

Seneca Gaming and Entertainment, owned and operated by the Seneca Nation of Indians, has three Class II gaming facilities in Salamanca, Irving and Cuba, N.Y.

Salamanca and Irving include high-stakes bingo halls and exciting gaming machines along with luxury Poker rooms at the Salamanca facility and Seneca Niagara Casino and Hotel. Seneca Gaming and Entertainment Oil Spring in Cuba offers more than 100 exciting gaming machines.

For more information, please call (716) 945-4080 or 1 (877) 860-5130 or visit www.senecagames.com.

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